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Dawn Nikol

I'm totally digging that canister! Right now my washi tape is still in the original packaging because I lack a place to store them!! Awesome idea, thanks!

Christi Parker

totally loving this....would love to win one of my own!

Barbara Martin

Great idea - I can think of a million ways to use film canisters!


WHat a great idea! Love how you decorated this!


Beautiful and green, recycling is the future


Love it! Thanks for the chance to win :)


I just love how versatile and easy to work with washi tape is. Amazing canister amy!

Ellie A.

Oh how super sweet is this. Thanks for the chance!

Debra E

So cool! Just love what you did with the canister.

Erin Reive

That's wonderful! I am starting a washi tape collection of my own... what a great idea and great to grab for on the go scrapping! Thanks for sharing.

Gayle P

I've been googling square film canisters with no luck, care to share where you found them? :) I love how perfectly the washi fits in them for travel!

Melanie K.

How cute! I would love to win.


love it!!

amy tangerine

hi Gayle P- a friend of mine is in the film business and gave them to me. not sure where they can be purchased - sorry!


very cute!


Would love a canister for my own growing collection of washi tapes. Great idea!

Sandra B.

Beautiful! Love it!


What a great idea, love it! Thanks for a chance to win.


I'd love a cannister to make into a storage container like yours!


Wonderful idea! Washi tapes are so fun they need a special place to store them.

Aimee Maddern

too freakin cute. now I want to do that. Mine currently are in a glass jar from Ikea.
stop having cute ideas that I need to copy!


that's a really good idea! love your work :)


How funny - I was sitting at my desk trying to organise MY washi tapes. I think you are a big reason I am addicted to them, loved seeing them in your mini books.
Ha! I'd love to win and have something to carry them around in :)


Too cute to say no----so YES


Love it. I am loving the washi tape.


Would love to win one to replace the boring plastic bag I'm using right now.

Hannah Clare

This is adorable! Of course, I'd need more washi tape first...


This is gorgeous! Love how you altered it!

Emily T.

What a neat idea! I love it.


It looks really awesome, I would love to win of those puppies!


That looks so fantastic! I love that the stuff underneath is part of the design!


I love this. I love the canister's look before and after you fixed it. Thanks for the chance to win one.

Erin Glee

I collect tins! Old Band-Aid boxes, Altoid tins, Lemon Drop tins etc. but I don't have a cool film tin like that... I would love one! Thanks : )

cheap mlb jerseys

I am starting a washi tape collection of my own... what a great idea and great to grab for on the go scrapping!


I am almost embarassed to admit, but I don't own any washi tape - what's up with that? I think I need some!

Diane Payne

Love this idea and the film canister is awesome! I would love to win one!

Laura A.

Have been addicted to tape since I took your online class last year. Strugle, though, with ways to store it. Would love a canister like this! Thanks, Amy for the inspiration!


Oh what a great idea! I'd love to win a film canister to store my tapes in! :)


my washi tape is floating around, it would be great to have somewhere to store them. Fab idea!

Kelly Massman

Cute idea! I'd love to win a tin if there's some washi tape in it! Thanks!


beautiful! thanks

Jess Leggett

Another brilliant idea, Amy. Simply brilliant. :)

Jen R

This is so cool....great idea!


LOVE IT! Awesome idea as I have tons of washi tapes - love them!!


I just love all these fun tutorials! Such great project ideas!

Vitoria B

I saw it on her blog, beautiful


it's a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing.

Kristina Solheim

very very cool!


Looks great & such a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing :)

Megan A

this is fabulous!


Wow what a awesome prize!!The tapes are so cool!!

Katherine Crow

I am just begining to learn about paper crafting, and I have piles of tapes, stickers, papers, inks, and stamps all over the house. Ohh do I need to get organized......


Has to be the best use of a film canister i've seen in awhile!


That is freaking amazing! Where can I get one of those canisters from??


WOW, this is just lovely!
Where are these canisters available??

Ann Cicilie

Love the tip, and love the canister! Just found some of the tapes I've been looking for on eBay, got them home a couple of days ago. Can't wait to play with them!

Meredith Treloar

wow what a brilliant idea for washi tape storage!! I would love to create a similar canister for my tapes!!

connie carpenter macko

nifty! i'd sure like to win one... but at least now I can start looking around for a similar canister because now I have to have one of those too!

La Zaz

Cool idea, love the vintage touch

connie k.

very cute!


wow, very beautiful..

Fanny Mayer

Wow, I love it!!!

Kelli P.

It looks like I am one day too late. Oh well. I just wanted to say I think this is a great way to store them and I love the splatter paint and tape on it! It looks great. Thanks for the inspiration!

Michelle Mathey

How cool is that film canister?! I'd love to win - thanks for the chance!

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