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  • Fabric & Stitching Wall Art
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  • Little onesies
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  • Tassel pom-pom garland
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  • Tassel garland for Scrapbooking
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  • Fun DIY party Ideas
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  • DIY custom camera
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  • Rolled Fabric Flowers
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  • Candle with Rub-on Decoration
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  • Personalized door"
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  • Hanging Overlay Decor
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  • Overlay placemats
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  • Doily Rub-on Canvas
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  • Paper Rosettes
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  • Washi Tape Banners
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  • Hand-Stitching on Paper
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  • Paper Bowties
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  • Printing on Washi Tape
  • Using Rub-ons as a resist
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  • Overlay & Paper Transfer
  • Paper Flowers
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  • DIY Pendant
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  • Paper Fortune Cookies
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  • Overlay Lamp (Ikea Hack)
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  • Paper weaving
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  • Paper Garland Tutorial
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Looks great!

Maeghan M.

I just love the idea of this idea book-- I might be a long way from having my own creative space, but it's definitely something I love to dream about! TFS!

Diane S.

Wow Allison I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this magazine! I have a room waiting for me to redo and this is so timely for me!

Heather V

I love looking at other peoples' creative spaces! This looks like a great issue!

Shirley K

Awesome! I always like seeing other people's spaces!

amy tangerine

how fun! this looks like tons of inspiration.


Heard a lot about this magazine, it sounds great. Thanks for the chance to win an issue :)


I can't wait to get my hands on this magazine!!

Jules The Bling Princess

So much inspiration! So little time...I need to overhaul my room now, lol!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on this magazine. And your room is truly inspiring. TFS!


congrats on the publication!

Melinda Wilson

Looks like a great magazine!


how cool! thanks ck and allison, I am looking forward to seeing your space in detail.


me! please!


oooh! I'd love to win a copy of this magazine. thanks for the chance!!


I'm excited for this issue. Will definitely be picking it up!


I would love to win this as I will be designing my own creative space soon! Cannot wait!! :)

Kelly Massman

Hey! Thanks for a chance to win! I'm really intrigued to see it!

erin thiem

Oh I'd love a copy, can't wait to see some of these fabulous craft rooms.


Looks great!


I am always so inspired when I see where people create!

Ann Cicilie

I'd love to win a copy, and get the chance to see your creative space at Hambly :)

ana manzana

Oh, I'd love to have a copy!

Traveling Mama

yay! I would love to win!!

Dana Tatar

I'd LOVE to have a copy! Thanks so much for the chance!


how fun...I LOVE looking at creative spaces!


I cant wait to get this...I'm ready to re-do my space and would love the inspiration.


I love Hambly products so I would love to see your creative space at Hambly in the special issue. Thanks for the chance to win.


This looks like SUCH A great pub!


I would love to win this, I don't think it's available around here! Thanks for the chance to win!


Can't wait to see your space. Congratulations!

Donna Phelan

My most favorite part of my craft space (aka one of the back spare bedrooms) is that when I open either of the 2 windows I can hear the ocean! AND it is truly MY space......I can leave it in the middle of a project and not worry about one little scrap of paper, embellishment, or idea left out on my desk top, my dear Hubby knows not to tamper with whatever *genious* creation is in the mix! :)


I have to have this!

Patty O

I'd love to see your space!

Erin Glee

I would love to curl up on my bed and flip through this magazine!


I bet your space is awesome. The sneaks I've seen are so fun. thanks for the giveaway. congrats on being featured.

Delia W

We;re on a way to move into our new house, so I would love some inspiration!

Congrats on being included in the mag!

jan m

I spend more time organizing supplies than using them!! This magazine is for me!!

Vitoria B

love to read this issue !!


I'd to organize my space, need some inspiration :-)

Connie tacazon

Love organizing. Love scrapbooking. Gotta love this mag too!!!

Alisa Logue

Looks like a fabulous issue! Would love to have some new storage solutions! -Alisa


I so love this idea for an issue. What a great way to discover all different ways to be organized and creative.


Would love to see your space!!


Love the inspiration!


I gain so much inspiration myself just be seeing others creative spaces...thanx!

Suzy Gray

I love this feature in the CK mag each month so glad they are making a full issue about it for us to drool over and be inspired

cassandra chen

thanks for the awesome giveaway!


I love, love, love drooling over creative spaces, so of course, I would love to win a copy to this pub! Thanks so much!


oh please please pretty please pick me - I have seen this magazine pop up soooo many times in the last week and Id love to have one... but they're not very accessible in Australia...

here's to hoping!


This magazine looks great & much needed!

Teresa M

My space sure needs help...hope it will be mine!


Can't wait to get my hands on this issue... lot of inspiration for my little space.


I NEED this issue to reorganize my craft space... really!


The room looks like a bomb dropped in the middle of it...hope this magazine can help me!

Lillian Child

I am in desperate need of ideas on how to set up and organize my craft room, so this magazine would be fabulous to have as a starting point for inspiration!

Emily Barklage

Very cool - I love this magazine!


Would love a copy these rooms look so from Australia xox


I would love to get a copy of this one!
Thanks CK for this free copy!

LaTonya Kanonu

I really would love to have this magazine. My space is in a closet right now and I am looking for ways to use every inch of my closet space.

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