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  • Personalized door"
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  • Hanging Overlay Decor
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  • Overlay placemats
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  • Doily Rub-on Canvas
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  • Paper Rosettes
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  • Washi Tape Banners
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  • Hand-Stitching on Paper
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  • Paper Bowties
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  • Printing on Washi Tape
  • Using Rub-ons as a resist
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  • Overlay & Paper Transfer
  • Paper Flowers
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  • DIY Pendant
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  • Paper Fortune Cookies
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Wait, when does this offer end??


FYI, the What's New link doesn't work but it's okay, I know where to find it! :)

Melanie K

WHERE IS THE TAPE???? I must have the birds on a wire tape!!!! I have been anxiously awaiting its availability! Help me! LOL ...
it is all YOUR fault for making such scrumptious designs and products!


Cannot find the tape?

Dawn Nikol

I'm also not finding the tape. :(


I got the tape from my LSS and it's DELISH!! Thanks Hambly!


The Washi Tape is a really neat product! I can't wait to try it out.

Sheri W.

I have fallen in love with Washi Tape.

Emily Barklage

Dying to use the washi tape!


I LOVE the washi tape!!!!

Ryan Ann

love love love the washi tape. thanks for the chance to win.


love the tape-- going to go look for it ... would love to win and create with it!


i love the tape around what you did with it on the pokla-dot journal. How did you get that scrunched up effect?

Megan A

oooh gorgeous! I want to win!


I also want to know about the red polkadot tape around the journal. Rubber band?? Thanks for the great products and the chance to win some!


Oh duh!!! just found it I needed to see the next post. Thanks


Would love to win some products! xo.


loved all the releases ... i was so looking forward to getting my hand hands on them. unfortunately i don't think my LSS ordered any. :b thanks for the chance to win!! have a great easter weekend!!

Karen Williams

I so wish I could get my hands on your products over here ( the Netherlands) Would love to win some- that might mean I don't have to pay massive shipping!


Love, love , love the washi tape!!!

Julia Stainton

Gorgeous new release!!! I can't wait to get my hands on some!

Ellie A.

Making my heart beat a little faster! Thank you for the chance.Crossing fingers.

Kristi B.

I love the new products! All your products are always so much fun. :)

aimee c

drooling still! love the new stuff.
AND love the deal with the order....lemme see what i can come up with...hhmmmmm....

Melinda Thompson

LOVE LOVE all the new products...especially the tape!! Can't wait to get my hands on some...thanks heaps for the chance to win! :))


I sooo want every one of those tapes. Keeping my fingers crossed that it turns up at my LSS soon!


Oh these's are all so awesome!!!I hope to see some in my LSS soon!!!

Amy Baldwin

YEAH! I have been waiting to buy the Washi Tapes! They look so fun, I can't wait to put them to use!


*Love it all,* esp more camera rub-ons and the woodgrain remix. I saw just a few of the new overlays and camera rubs at my local Archivers in Minneapolis. I'll be placing me order with you soon (need the clearly heavy and I've not found one on-line retailer who carries them - other than you)!


Can't wait to see the new products in person. :)

Amy Brennan

Love the Washi tape along with your other products!!

Patty O

so excited to try your tape. Thanks and hope you have a happy easter.


I am very anxious to try your washi tape, looks like great fun! If I win some tape or some other cool Hambly products, great. If I do not win, I shall head to my LSS to purchase.


The washi tape is gorgeous and I'd liea chance to get crafty with it!


I absolutely love that tape and cannot wait till I can get some!!

sandra m.

I am so hooked on the washti tape! love it. Hard to find in local stores tho.


love the washi tape!! so glad you guys make it now too!

Diana Martin

omg....I love and want all of it, especially the washi tape, the birds on a wire and the itty bitty mustaches!!! xo


I LOVE Hambly Screenprints!!! ((especially the woodgrains!!))

Letha Richardson

I LOVE Washi tape! Hambly has great designs, and I would love to win. Crossing my fingers.


The TAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!I need the tape!


I love it all! Thanks so much for the chance to win some!


Fun new release! Awesome as always.

Gloria Baures

oooooo....washi tape.....*drool*....

Barbara Martin

The washi tape looks wonderful and I had hoped to buy some. Maybe I will be lucky and win some instead!

Erin Glee

Great designs of Washi tape! Thank you for the chance to win some Hambly Screenprints GOODNESS!

Elizabeth M

Awesome product, especially the tape;)

Erica Lasham

Just loving the new products & especially the Washi Tape. Thank you for opportunity to win.
I hope I will be able to find your wonderful products in my LSS in New Zealand very soon..


I thought I was the only one loving the tape. Very neat!


I love it all! Hope my LSS has it in stock.


LOVE the tape!!! Can't wait to get some! :)


Would love to win
Thanks for the chance

Happy Easter

Dana Gustafson

Your whole release is amazing! Looks like making washi tape will be on your to do list for a while since we are all drooling over it! THanksfor the opportunity to win!


Love *heart* love the washi tape...

Monica Blain

ack, I have been trying like crazy to get my hands on some of that awesome washi tape! I can't believe how fast it has been selling out!

Linda Grady

New to your blog and Washi Tape; sure sounds like it is a must have. I really love the woodgrain papers. Thanks for the chance to win some "candy".

Jaime O

I love the washi tape! Especially the yellow doily roll!

Emily Hammann

OMG, I'm in love with the tape and am ordering some now!

jen bell

i am so in love with tape and cant wait to try yours!..also loving the chalkboard eggs!! how fun!


Would be great to win!! loving washi tape :)


Wauuuu, I want, I want!!! Lovely colours and lovely washi tape!! Thank you for the chance ;)

Michelle Hernandez

I placed my order at the second I saw them post about it on Twitter! I had no idea it was going wide release! I just wanted to get my hands on some tape. I LOVE the projects I'm seeing. The Easter Eggs are a FABULOUS punk rock idea! I wish I had waited for this offer but that's ok- I'm ordering some of those luscious rub-ons instead!

Ally White

I am in love with that cake card!! Bring on the tape :) Great giveaway, i'd love to win!!

Sarah Webb

Lots of new lovelies! Thanks for the chance!


Such beautiful colors. Love these products. :)


yay! Can't wait to get the washi tape.


i would definitely love to win some hambly goodness! (:


i love giveaways!

leeann Pearce

completely and utterly drooling over the how the design team have used it also.


Gorgeous new designs!!

Samantha Langer

I love the products!


been anxiously waiting for the release! so excited to get my hands on some!


What wonderful washi tapes! The designs and colors are yummy. Thanks for the great tutorials, too.


I just celebrated a birthday and this would be a fabulous gift! Thank you for the chance to win!!

Alisa Logue

All the new stuff is delicious! Total eye-candy! -Alisa


I'm so in love with those washi tapes! I NEED them! :D

Lillian Child

You had me at washi tapes!

lilibee ( Leila Bentahar )

beautiul as always!love it!

sophie sl

totally beautiful and I can't wait to play with some, nope, ALL of these products!


I LOVE the washi tape! Such beautiful colors and patterns!


i NEED ALL the washi tapes !!!

Vitoria B

i'm always a "wood" fan, and the washi tapes are so so cute!


i ADORE the red tape !
Thanks for the chance.


Thanks for the chance, thanks for your yummy products, thanks for all the inspiration on your blog!

Christy C

I love all the tapes, they are beautiful!


Wonderful new release! Pick me, Pick me!!!

Agnus Kasprzak

I'm loving the look of washi tape, and have really emjoyed all the awesome ideas for using it :)


I really like the Portrait Gallery overlays. Thanks for creating cool stuff!


Have loved all of the tutorials! The Easter eggs are just too cool! Thanks so much for making amazing products and showcasing how to use them in such unique ways!


Just too amazing, love all the tapes!

Alexandra M

Great design, as usual ! Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful stuff.

Mie Nagata

I love washi tapes !!


The washi tapes are just lovely! I´d looove to win some!

Heather Freeman

I just stumbled across your website/blog, and I cant wait to start shopping! What funa dnd inspiring products and projects! Thank you!


Love love the washi tapes and the new overlays!!!! Thanks for the chance to win:)


I've gone mad over the washi tapes!! They're so practical to use!

Milagros C. Rivera

Hi, I just wanted to share some mother's day project I made using the new overlay Portrait Gallery and pen and ink paper, over at my blog. Be very happy if you took the time to pass by!

Ellie A.

Is this still open? Hey you never know so here I am a post & a dream! Thanks for the chance... maybe? :)

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