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So, so awesome! I need the black doily one...and the yellow one...and the green woodgrain...and the little birds... Yup, there is a new addiction on the horizon!

miss morgan...

umm... hello! love!

Melanie K

I KNEW IT!!!! Oh how I love thee Hambly! The woodgrain ... the birds on a wire ... sigh. I truly love thee!!! LOL! now when can I get it in my hand so it can be MINE???? ;)


oh WOW! fabulous!


LOVE!!! Love the woodgrain and I would bow down if there was houndstooth coming!


!!!!!!!!! :D


They are all my favs:)


I just gasped when I saw this. Best idea ever!
Have to say my very favorite might be the yellow grandpa's wallpaper it all though...

Mandy Ford


Kim Sonksen

OMG - it was about time that Hambly does Washi - your designs are still the best! And the woodgrain will always do it for me :))

Valerie Mangan

Love those little yellow and red lacey looking patterns!!


OMG - This is AWESOME!! I want them all, but I'll start with the wood grain please! YUMMY!


<3 <3

amy tangerine

SO excited for these tapes! and happy to not have to keep it a secret any longer. that was tough!


Oh! I love them all so much! Can't wait to get my hands on some.


Ouchie...another dent in the purse! I LOVE the teal woodgrain washi!


These are *awesome* I will take one of each please. :-)

Marti Richards

OH MY!!!!! I WANT them all! YAY!!


I need them all!!! Especially love the wood grain ones!

danielle barton

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I *LOVE* washi tape, and now with your amazing designs, I love it more(if that was possible!). My favs from the picture above are for sure the wood grain and the birds. Thanks Hambly for being so awesome!


beautiful! i literally can't wait to get my hands on these, SO excited! It's hard to pick a fav but i think the silver doilies are just in the lead.


love these! can't wait to buy some! i have a washi tape addiction! :)

Lexi Bridges

ALL OF THEM, yes every single ONE!!!!


So excited about the new tape! My favorite is the teal script deesign, but I also love the two pink floral patterns :)


Teal and yellow woodgrain! OMG.

Maria L

Holy cow - these are awesome! Love them all... especially the woodgrain patterns!!


Fantastic! Can't wait to order them. :D


The birds on the wire, definitely.

Diane B.

helllloooo woodgrain! but love them all!


i'm in heaven, love it allison!


I love,love, love the woodgrain!


This is one of the best things I've seen that's coming out this season -- love the woodgrain, love the birds on the wire, love script -- heck, I love all of them :)

Stephanie Baxter


Lisa J

Yay WASHI ~ I love the woodgrain one's!!!

Tammy S

Love the birds, Love the Script, Love them all!

Christina Ocampo

Love them all! Would have to go with the woodgrain first though.



Antonia Krajicek

These are AMAZING! I can't wait to buy each and every one! :)


Love the woodgrain and the bird on a wire!!!

Kelly Rodgers

The grey doilies is my fave. But I really love them all

jill s

Theresa  G.

want them all, but those woodgrain.. awesome. =)

Andrea MacDonald

Woohoo!!!!! Hambly + Washi= super yumminess!!!!! Oh Hambly how I love you : )

Gayle P

Oh.My.GOSH! shut the front door! those look awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE


squeeeeeeeee! that is SO awesome! I want them all~!!!

Michelle (from KY)

Oh man, I must have someo f those blue hearts! Very nice!


Love the designs!

Jen D

Oh that's awesome! Can't wait!! Love the woodgrain woo hoo! :)

Briana N.

The woodgrain is AWESOME!!


when given options, newsprint and/or script always wins--paper, letters, tape, whatever. . .

Jen Johner



Wow, I love these!!!


love em all ;)

I have been waiting for this! yummy....

lorena b.

Get. Out!!! Aside from woodgrain, birds on a wire fo sho!

stephanie j

I love them all! The woodgrains really stand out to me though :)

Shirley K

Exciting! I think these will be uber popular!


These are so yummy, but the woodgrain...SO excited about that!

Jess Amazing

THANK YOU, thank you, THANK YOU... so excited to buy them all! I love the birds on a wire, the hearts, the script, the woodgrain.....

so many possibilities!



Jen S.

These are all to die for! Loving the yellow woodgrain...

caroline hancock

need the ALL


love these!! The birds on the wire are standouts though =)

Jan Metcalf

Brown wood or the yellow damask are my favorites! Love using the tapes!!!!


wow this is amazing! i must have several!

ps thank you so much for the wonderful December prize pack that was sent to me! love it all!


Everything is gorgeous!! LOVE the washi tape. I zoomed in on the woodgrain and those cute birds on a wire! CUTE!!

Tiffany Heilman

Woodgrain is my fav - I think ?!?


Super excited for the woodgrain and the hearts!

Michelle H.

On my shopping list ASAP- the wood grain and bird prints- in all colors! YIPEE!!!

Catherine Witherell

The black one on the bottom left and the turquoise script! LOVE them!


tie between birds on a wire and the script for my fav...but love em all!

allie gower

I love the Birds on a Wire, but everything in that fun pool color is a hit with me as well.

Natalie Elphinstone

oh my gosh! This is the best new release I've seen so far this CHA!!! I must have them all :-) I am in love with the woodgrain for a start !


argh! ma sono bellissimi!


Oh Wow! They're all beautiful!

Kelly Massman

Woodgrain all the way!


I love all them! But my favorite is the birds


I am so excited to see all the colors and design washi tapes,I love all of them .



You just made me gasp out loud at work. I love them all!!

Karen Williams

eek! Eek! so excited by these- just hope now someone over here will stock them


All of them!


Oh I can't wait to get some of these...I love the red and black doily tapes!!

Leah Crowe

wowsers.. that woodgrain and the birdies are delish.. can't wait to grab some of this!!


Oh these are gorgeous - my fave would be the wide black/white floral tape - would make such a statement.


Yay, I'm smiling and clapping at my computer monitor!!! :)
Love the woodgrains, birds, and hearts mostest...ALL of them are fabulous and will be coming home to live with me! :)


SWOOOOON! I love the woodgrain tapes.... and the birds...
Im droooooooling over here :)

Traveling Mama

No WAY! That is soo cool!!! That woodgrain has my name ALL over it!

cindy b.


Becky Olsen

I am with you Amy!!
So glad that I can finally squeal from delight in public!!
So happy!!!

Libby from Oakland

These are great!

christy a

Oh woodgrain, how lovely you are!! Second choice - the birds! These are fantastic!!

Jacquie D.

Woodgrain, birds, script...I love them all!

Lara Carson

Oh My., I love them all, but the woodgrain, the turquiose script and the black doily are my favorite!

Ally White

ALL of them are my favorite!!!

Heather Hopkins

My fav is birds a the wire.


oh WOW! AWESOME!!!!!


LOVE THESE!!!! Beautiful colours and fabulous designs :)


woodgrain (in brown)!

Jane Eileen

Not an easy choice, but the birds are tops!


I don't think it's possible to pick a favorite.

Great idea!

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