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  • Fabric & Stitching Wall Art
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  • Little onesies
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  • Tassel pom-pom garland
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  • Tassel garland for Scrapbooking
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  • Fun DIY party Ideas
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  • DIY custom camera
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  • Rolled Fabric Flowers
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  • Candle with Rub-on Decoration
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  • Personalized door"
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  • Hanging Overlay Decor
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  • Overlay placemats
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  • Doily Rub-on Canvas
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  • Paper Rosettes
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  • Washi Tape Banners
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  • Hand-Stitching on Paper
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  • Paper Bowties
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  • Printing on Washi Tape
  • Using Rub-ons as a resist
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  • Overlay & Paper Transfer
  • Paper Flowers
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  • DIY Pendant
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  • Paper Fortune Cookies
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  • Overlay Lamp (Ikea Hack)
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  • Paper weaving
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  • Paper Garland Tutorial
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Delia W

Baby Ellies are so funny.
Thanks for the tut, I have to try it!
I would love to win some goodies.


clever tutorial! love to try this technique.
Thank !


Very cool techniques! Thanks for the tutorial!


Awesome technique!! Will definitely try this!
And I just love the mini album! Especially the colours! Thanks for showing, Giuli!

Sophia Allison

Gorgeous project, would love to win me some we sadly do not have it here in South Africa ♥♥♥


Love this project !!!
Happy New Year !!!


this is lovely!!


Awesome mini-album. Thanks for showing us how to use the hambly supplies on fabric.


what an interesting technique...beautiful outcome...

Monique Fox

Awesome tutorial. Thanks for the inspiration.

[email protected]

T Marie Wever

Beautiful! Love this technique, will have to try it!


love the mini album! thanks for the tutorial.


è stupendo!!! ma quanto sei brava!!! :))

che abbinamenti delicati, hai classe da vendere, wau! straordinaria!


what!?! That's amazing, making a print from a print, spread the Hambly loveliness around!


Wow!!! Giuli!!! I L*O*V*E your mini album!!!


Love this post ! Thanks for all the inspiration.


Wow! What a cool technique! I can't wait to give this a try!!!!

Kimberly B.

Awesome idea and technique! I love the mini album!

amy lapi

ah that is SUCH a cool technique! bella!


Thanks for the chance to win

Melanie K

Whoa! Now that is awesome! I won't feel so overwhelmed trying to decide between paper or overlay or rub ons now! That was wonderful!


I love the elephant page! Nice to see an elegant animal page, instead of a cute one!

Dana Tatar

Thanks for sharing your cool transfer technique! Great album!


Gorgeous photos and such a fun technique!


This is a really neat technique! Thanks for sharing.


This is such a fabulous technique! I want to try it tonight!!!

Alisa Logue

Very cool technique! And amazing projects! Thanks for sharing! -Alisa


What a cute project! Thanks for the giveaway.

Tiffany Johnson

Looooove your work! I am soooo going to be using the ink transfer technique!


WOOOOWWWW!!! I love everything!!! Super cute album!!

Michelle (from KY)

Welcome to Hambly! Great minibook


Beautiful Mini!

Kelly Massman

Fantastic work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TFS!


What an exciting tip! I am new to the site and am anxious to learn a lot of new techniques just like this one! Thanks for sharing.


Wow! I love that transfer process! I'm definitely going to have to try that!

Jennifer Lan

This is such an awesome technique! I'm going to have to try this out for the few albums that I'm working on now. :)

Natalie E

what a fabulous technique!! I really have to give this a go. Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity with us :-)


Wow! This looks really great! I am going to try this at home!


Awesome tutotial!!


AWESOME Tutorial!!


That's genius!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I will for sure try that!

Andrea MacDonald

Love the tutorial. I have done it with pattern papers on tags and such but onto fabric is brilliant! Thanks for sharing and your work is gorgeous!!!


I ♥ idea


This is so great!
Thanks! ♥ Sarah.

Paula G

The sweet elephant page captured my heart!


amazing tutorial love it ..


wow, thats an awesome tutorial!
cant wait to try it!


This is super cool technique and I must try this soon, thanks for the inspiration. Love it.


this is amazingly awesome!!!


That is so cool!!! Love it!!

Wendy Orme

I had no idea you could do that!

Brenda Smith

Great idea! I'm going to have to try this!


Very awesome. i must try this!


this tut is so awesome! i love it. i have to try this very soon.


Great tuto!!! And great mini, I love it. Thanks for share


Oh wow that's amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial. :)

Sabina Botin

Wow, what a fun project! And I looove mini-albums, can´t get enough of them. Thank you for sharing!!


congrats on being GDT!
What a great technique, thanks for sharing!

Vitoria B

Amazing project !
Love to try it, love mini albums;

Adele Chalker

I adore this - something I NEVER would have thought of. Hambly products are so versatile gotta love them!!


How cool!


Stine Maansen

Pure genious! Brilliant teq.! TFS!

Carol W.

Fabulous project! TFS!!!


amazing. I can't wait to try this technique


The tut is brilliant! Will have to try this myself too! Thank you for sharing this! :)

Laura Stewart

wow - the fabric is awesome!!

Amy Baldwin

This is a totally new technique for me! I can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!

Diane B.

what a great technique! nail polish remover of all things! does the smell of it go away? love the fabric-layered album!

heather fuentes

amazing. <3


Very cool technique with awesome results :) thanks for sharing !


fantastica giulyyyyyy!!!!
sei straordinaria!!!


Great creations! Love the mini book & techniques used :)

Gini Cagle

That is such a cool tutorial - I can't wait to give it a try.

Dana F.

Happy New Year everyone and welcome, Giuliana! Love the mini book :) Thanks for sharing that cool technique with the overlays. Brilliant!!

Fiona Davis

Love the technique, you are so clever to come up with these ideas


I didn't know you could transfer from transparencies and paper like that. Fabulous tutorial!


I had no idea you could do transfers like that! Thanks for sharing that awesome technique!!


I love this idea! Great job and thanks once agian for your generosity to win some yummies! I can certainly do with some!


That's great. I never would have thought of doing that. Thanks for the tutorial, and the chance to win.

Rita Timmons

what a great tutorial and technique! I love it. I have some great hambly stocked away that will be perfect for this technique. LOVE IT!

Monique Fox

awesome tutorial :)

[email protected]


fantastico progetto, bellissima idea!
grande Giuliana!


wonderful wonderful tutorial, I love your style, it's so elegant!
Love you

Sarah W.

Lovely projects! Thanks for the chance!


Very cool technique! I need to try this:)


Mini is mega cute and love the LO too!


Wow, the tutorial is so creative and the results are beautiful. Love the the Hambly projects :)

rebecca keppel

What a fabulous idea! Gorgeous book too :)

Kristina Hargie

I love the idea. Thanks.


Thanks for the giveaway offer!

I love this tutorial. Makes me want to try out your ideas right away


bravissima giuly!!!!
thanks for the giveaway


Wow! Giuli!!!ho visto solo ora il tuo tutorial!!Grande!!!!!


Grande Giuly!!! Sono molto felice per te!! un abbraccio e a presto.


Brilliant and very clever! I just bought a whole bunch of new transparencies that I can't wait to try!

cindy barriga

Thanks for this amazing tutorial! I will be trying these techniques. :D

Sophia Allison

Gorgeous projects. Would love me some Hambly...


I can not wait to try this idea! In fact I'm going to try it this evening. Thank you Hambly for offering all your blog readers constant and refreshing inspiration!



what a neat thing to try next time i sit down at my desk!


It's a very good idea!!thanks for showing our Giuliana!!


Bravissima, Giuly!!!! Progetto stupendo :)))

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