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  • Using Rub-ons as a resist
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  • Paper Flowers
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  • Paper Fortune Cookies
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Melinda Wilson

I am so excited that Shimelle is the guest DT! I love her work and love her blog!


Love it all! More please :)


Congrats Shimelle - love your work!! :)

Tina Mayo

Congrats!! what an honor to be Guest DT but uh I have seen her work and she deserves it!!

Jen Nicks

love the new stuff and Shimelle!


I love Shimelle's work!

Deborah Klepac

Shimelle and Hambly are a great combination - luv you both.


Wow, AMAZING creations!!!

carole maurin

Shimelle's work is amazing!!

i would love to win

thanks for the opportunity


Clare Dempsey

thanks for the wonderful inspiration. Now if I can just find time to scrap! cjdempsey9 at msn dot com


Love Shimelle's style - such an inspiration!


All these layouts are so great !!!
Congratulations Shimelle !!

Michelle Tan

LOVE Hambly and can't wait to see Shimelle's work in the gallery!


Gorgeous work!!

Sherry Moss

Great ideas and GREAT November guest designer. I could spend HOURS looking at all the fabulous projects you have on the designers blogs and on your site. Alas, I have to get back to work and my wonderland will just have to wait another day:)


I take my chance


Love Shimelle, looking forward to seeing what she creates and if it include butterflies :)))


Shimelle, love your work! And I can't wait to get some of the pen+ink & apothecary jars from the new release!!


Have always loved Shimelle but don't know much about Hambly.The new products look lovely! though.

Gro aka Emrille

Shimelle's work is just soooo cool:)

Laura Bruynell

Great work Shimelle!


I like her technique for muting the colors. Great way to get more out of a single sheet. Thanks for the tip.


Insanely busy girl! Jeez!! :D


love Shimelle's work, looking forward for her projects with Hambly products!


Found the link here from Shimelle's blog. She is awesome and makes really great pages. : ) Thanks for the chance to win. : )


Great pairing - Shimelle & Hambly!


I'm a big fan of both Hambly and Shimelle so putting you both together is inspired and inspiring!
I can see myself scrapping(!) my aunty's rescue battery hens with that chook coop transparency.


Wow, so much love for Shimelle over here. It's all well deserved though!


Love the work and what great ideas it has given me.

Samantha Langer

Thanks for the chance to win!


kind of new to hambly and have never heard of shimelle! that makes it a doubly good day :)


Awesome work!


Love the giveaways


Scrapping off the page and onto the camera - cool


I LOVE Shimelle's work!!! Plus, this is the first time I have seen what she looks like. Now I have a face for the name!

jackie r.

i just love everyhing about hambly :)


Thanks Shimelle and Hambly, I'm looking forward to seeing whats coming from this awesome combo!


thanks for the opportunity to win! i always get so inspired looking at work from the hambly DT!


couldn't get a better combination looking forward to wonderful projects

jaclyn leigh

i love love love hambly woodgrain! its my absolutely faveeee! :D

gina lideros

very cool work. She is very talented.

sandra m.

Thanks for the link to Shimelle. love looking at her creations.

Christi Parker

what a great giveaway!


I love Shimelle!!!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Kelly Massman

Looking forward to see her projects! Thanks!


I love Shimelle's work and I love your products!

melissa (aussiescrapper)

Shimelle and Hambly - now that's a great combination. Melxx

Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Emily Barklage

Darling, as always

Kim L.

I've taken online and in person classes with Shimelle. Love her. And I don't make a project without Hambly in it.

Caroline B

Oooh love Shimelle <3 thanks for the chance to win :)


Congratulations Shimelle! I've never seen your work before but wow... I'll be following now. Just amazing.

Erika M

Shimelle is awesome!


Congrats Shimelle ... love your work!


I love the gallery - especially the decorated camera


LOVE all the newest items! :D


Hambly transparencies ROCK! Nice work Shimelle. Thx for giveaway.




love all her projects.

Jen D

So cool! Can't wait to see Shimelle's work!

Rhonda P.

Shimelle rocks that Hambly! Love it!!


Two of my favorite things! Shimelle and Hambly!


Fun, Fun, fun. I love Hambly.


congrats Shimelle!

Andrea MacDonald

Love Shimelle!!!! She has a fabulous style and she is just so sweet!!!


Love Shimelle and her classes!

Melissa R

Lovely work!

Jessica Rose

so awesome. wicked excited for all the new stuff!

Terri B in Oregon

Wow! Shimelle knocked it out of the ballpark! Love the new goodies, too!

Sylvia from Minnesota

Love the Vintage Christmas & snowflake overlays. thanks for the chance.


What a fab combination! Recently took Shimelle's learn something new class and Loved it! And of course love all things Hambly!

Sherri R

I LOVE Shimelle and I LOVE Hambly! What a fabulous combination!! OH, please pick me... pretty please:)

Trasi Fugate

What great ideas!

Nancy L

Shimelle and Hambly. What a great pair! Love her and love Hambly!!!


Only just got brave enough to start using overlays/transparencies on my work and have bought half a dozen sheets to use in my december daily project.

Great use of the product Shimelle, as always.


I liked Hambly and have been a fan for a few years...
Same with Shimelle...

WOW! Perfect fit!


Really love these, thanks for the inspo Shimelle and Hambly! x

Erin Glee

I don't have a problem with a butterfly on every LO! Shimelle makes it work every time : 0 ~Thank you for the chance to win some new Hambly goodness!

Stine Maansen

<3 Shimelles work, just visited her blog for the first time - beautiful work! With some lovely products! :-)


Looking forward to seeing Shimelle's work! Thanks for the chance to win :D


Gorgeous projects!! Thanks Shimelle for the inspiration!!!


Love the new Hambly. Shimelle is sure to inspire as your guest DT.


Cool! Its nice to see Hambly Products Shimelle Style! Love your artwork!

annie bellamy

Lovely products and projects as always!

I'd love to win some Hambly goodies!

Annie B


Shimelle + Hambly = Perfect!


Love your work Shimelle! And love Hambly:)


Her work is inspiring! Heart Hambly the most!

Karen Williams

Hoe awesome is Shimelle. Love what she has made


I love Hambly transparencies and am having trouble finding them.
I would love a collection for my Christmas album


I truly enjoy Shimelle and have taken an online class from her. She rocks

Cheryl Waters

Shimelle is lovely and so is her work. So glad she's a part of the Hambly team! :)

Michelle in MN

There isn't anything I have never liked of Hambly products, I love it all. Looking forward to seeing Shimelle's projects for November.

donna busch

Love IT!

Christine Villacarlos

Love Shimelle's work!

donna busch

I decorate my camera too

carrie hicks

Love! So much cuteness...thanks for the inspiration!

stephanie a.

I just recently discovered her blog. Love all things Hambly! Thanks for the giveaway!



Wonderful work!


Love Shimelle's creatons. Thank you for a chance to win great products!

Debbie Servantez

Love Shimelle!! And Hambly!

Megan A

wonderful! great job!

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