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  • Fabric & Stitching Wall Art
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  • Little onesies
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  • Tassel pom-pom garland
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  • Tassel garland for Scrapbooking
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  • Fun DIY party Ideas
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  • DIY custom camera
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  • Rolled Fabric Flowers
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  • Candle with Rub-on Decoration
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  • Personalized door"
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  • Hanging Overlay Decor
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  • Overlay placemats
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  • Doily Rub-on Canvas
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  • Paper Rosettes
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  • Washi Tape Banners
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  • Hand-Stitching on Paper
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  • Paper Bowties
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  • Printing on Washi Tape
  • Using Rub-ons as a resist
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  • Overlay & Paper Transfer
  • Paper Flowers
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  • DIY Pendant
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  • Paper Fortune Cookies
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  • Overlay Lamp (Ikea Hack)
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  • Paper weaving
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  • Paper Garland Tutorial
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Kristi B.

Amazing talent! Love the products also!

rhonda nickol

i would love to win some hambly! you can't find any where i live. thanks for the giveaways. rhonda

Jules The Bling princess

I'm a huge fan of Kelly's. Those layouts are gorgeous and the colours on the Christmas card are just divine! Thanks Hambly for giving us all a chance to win. Merry Christmas, to one and all!

Melissa Fitzwater

Love the layouts! She is so creative!

Jessica Fulkerson O'Brien

Kelly's the best! Love these pages :)

Nancy Hunter

Great products and wonderful featured artist. Thanks for offering a give away!
Happy Holiday

Katie K.

Cute layouts! Love all the inspiration!!!

tammy g

So inspired to make something!

Sara B.

Love the layouts, especially the Soho one! Love Hambly and it would be great to win some goodies. Thanks for the chance!


Wow Kelly's gallery is amazing!


Beautiful layouts!!


Awesome lo's. Love Kelly's style!


Beautiful layouts, beautiful giveaway.

Mitzie Soltero

Welcome Kelly!! =) LOVE your layouts! So CUTE!!! =)


Kelly is so talented! Love all the designs!!! Thnx for the chance to win some Hambly!

Jennifer Hisi

Kelly Purkey is one of my favorite scrapbookers, such a great feature of Hambly products!


this is a great giveaway=) just so gorgeous!=)


Really beautiful!! Hope to have a chance in the giveaway ;-)


just gorgeous!..thanks for the chance :)


love kelly's layouts and card!



Absolutely beautiful work!


thank you for the contest!


LOVE Kelly's work, LOVE Hambly products, LOVE giveaways! LOVE x 3!!!


Luv the layouts! Thanks for the giveaways!


I just love what KP's done with the Hambly! I'm running off now to see the new release.....


Love Kelly's layout!


Love her work! I hope I win. I need some sewing inspired paper to make a mini album


Thanks for the chance to win some of your lovely products!


I love Kelly's layouts! She has a great eye for style!


Love the Soho layout!! Thanks for the chance to win. :)


Loving these layouts! Great work KP.


Such gorgeous pages, love every one of them!!! xo


I am mad about the colors, the way you use all these beautiful products ! I am soooooooooo "aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww" !! thanks for the chance to win ;-)


So Happy to see Kelly as a guest designer, I love her work.

tammy t

Love a Hambly giveaway and great to see the layouts from Kelly!

tammy t

rachael wood

i love kelli's stuff! That tree is so stinking cute!


I love all!! Are amazing!!
Keeping my fingers crossed!!


Gorgeous Layouts Kelly!

Wendy Orme

I love giveaways and Kelly's work, too!


Love the christmas card! I can't wait to take advantage of the sale offer!!! Love ya!

Joy Smith

I would love to be the winner for some Hambly product is is all so beautiful. Pick Me Please

leslie o.

Kelly's work rocks! :)


Love your style, Kelly! And the Hambly Couture has been added to my Christmas List! Happy HO HO HOlidays!

Jenny Alfonso

I love KP!!!! Very cool layouts!


Kelly's work is so inspiring! And I love that picture of her! WTG Kelly! :)

cindy barriga

Kelly never disappoints, love her layouts! :D


Love Kelly's style. She always inspires me!

Tara Didrence

Thanks for the opportunity to win some beautiful if I could only make something as lovely as these layouts!! ~Tara D.


What more can I say! fabulous!

Adele Chalker

I love these - such great use of the hambly products - really beautiful.

Carla Cavellucci Landi

oh, can I lift all those LOs?? I live very close and LOVE NYC... and the LO's are so adorable!!!!


Love the layouts! I'm a big fan!


Wow! Inspiring layouts!

Monica Robinson

Love the projects and tutorials you are featuring! Fun stuff. Thanks for chance to win.


adore all the layouts... they are just amazing ... always working your wonder kelly :)


Beautiful things! Brought here through Kelly's blog and Love the wallet. A new site to add to the blogroll! Thanks for the chance to win, and for the inspiration.


Kelly's work is lovely!


I love Kelly Purkey! She has such great style in her layouts and she makes everything look so simple and clean. Plus I love the fact that she uses a ton of color. She did a great job as your guest designer. I hope you guys will have her back again!! :)


Luv Kelly's work, so nice to see her on your blog!

Shannon B

What creative ways to use the products! Beautiful!

fran heupel

Wonderful layouts.
Just love Kelly's work.
Some wonderful ideas Thankyou!

Fran Heupel


beautiful layouts!!!!
thanks for the chance to win

Stephanie Baxter

Oh my gosh. I am such a huge fan of Kelly Purkey, so her and Hambly together...errrr...hello?! Inspo overload!!!


You're so talented!!! I envy you!! and I"m going to find your blog (you do have one, right?) so I can foloow it! thanks!!!

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