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Tracy D.

Those cupcakes are AWESOME!!!! Could you send one of those to me with your giveaway??!


The cupcakes look so yummy! I love the spider webs!!


Super cute ... your cupcakes are adorable!


Super cute! I made spiderweb cupcakes for my bday too! Mine was on the 20th. Happy Birthday to us!


The cupcakes look great, good luck with the costume :)


Yummy cupcakes!! Love the spiderwebs!


I love Halloween for all the art. In fact, I love it so much I use all my Halloween stuff throughout the year!

Now I'm off to make cobwebs of my own.

Account Deleted

love those cupcake designs. yum!


Cute cupcakes! Which I had time to make mine this cute.

Tina Mayo

your cupcakes look so yummy!! good work on sure and take a pic of your costume..we want to see it. have a great birthday!!


HaPpY BiRthDaY! The cupcakes are adorable - gotta love hambly!

kim harter

yum yum!!

Ally White

Super cute cupcakes! You apparently have more patience than I :)

Ginger (teleskiermom)

yummy cupcakes!!! super cute too!!

melissa kaye

Mmm...those cupcakes sure do look delicious! I love that little skeleton!


Those are freaking fabulous!!!! I LOVE them!


Those cupcakes look yummy!! Ca we win those too?
Happy Birthday, hope it's great day!


Those cupcakes are adorable and look scrumptious! Happy birthday!


Cool cupcakes! Happy birthday to you and mom! Diane


Your cupcakes look great!

Happy almost birthday!


Can you mail me some of those? They look so yummy!


I love the webs! Thanks for the giveaway chance!


Sign me up for some of those cupcakes!

Kris C

Do tell where you got those wrappers!

cindy barriga

I agree, the wrappers are gorgeous. As for the webs they look scrumptious. Thanks for sharing!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! :D

Wendy Orme

Happy birthday and Happy Halloween! I was born on my mom's birthday, too!

Dawn Nikol

Awesome cupcakes! I'll have to use that idea next year. There's no possible way I'm standing up long enough to make cupcakes this year while I'm 39 weeks pregnant. lol! The Halloween stuff sure would come in handy to scrap with if my little girl decides to show up this Friday. *grin*


The cupcakes look great! Thanks for the chance to win!

maria therese

cool cupcakes!!


Happy Halloween! :}

Thanks for the chance to win!
I've just ordered some items from your online shop, I can't wait for them to arrive. Nobody seems to sell the moustaches over here(UK)!


Those cupcakes look amazing! I love that chocolate spiderweb. It makes it look like it came out of a professional bakery!


Gosh I love Halloween too! Pumkin carving is my absolute favorite!


Those are some yummy looking cupcakes.

Melinda Wilson

I love your cupcakes - just wish I had the time to make some myself.


the spiderwebs are really cool! the cupcakes look so yummy!

happy birthday!


the spiderwebs are really cool!

happy birthday!


cool spiderwebs! the cupcakes look so yummy!


sorry for posting thrice. i was having internet problems : ( feel free to delete the other two. thanks!


happy halloween !!


great cupcakes
thanks for the chance


Love to eat one


great template, thanks for sharing


thanks for the chance and happy halloween to everybody


the wrappers are gorgeous
thanks for sharing with us


count on me for the giveaway .-)


I'm ready too for halloween... your goodies will be perfect


Those look oh so very yummy! I love going to Half Moon Bay during this season. Happy Birthday to both you and your mom!

debra s

I had the EXACT same idea. In my family, there are 6 birthdays in October. SIX! That's a lot to handle. Happy Birthday to you and your mom.

Jessica Dougherty

I love Halloween goodies!!! Jessica D. info(at)funkyfinds(dot)us


spooky & sweet...great combo!


Ohhhh I love Halloween and Hambly. They both start with "H" Coincidence??~ I think not. :)

Lea Lawson

Those cupcakes are ADORABLE! Love how you added that cute little touch with your stickers! Thanks for the change to win a giveaway of Halloween is some of my fave!

~Lea Lawson

Andrea MacDonald

Happy Birthday! I too love Halloween. Those cupcakes look fabulous.

Sandie McCarthy-Roberts

Yummy. I think those cupcakes look good too. It's all fab.


Love the halloween stuff! Very cute!!


ooohhh! halloween + hambly = two wonderful things that start with h! :)

JennyP (UK)

The cupcakes look fabulous, almost too good to eat!


Happy B-day to you and your Mom! The cupcakes look so yummy!

Jennifer Hisi

Those look amazing! I want to see what your costume is! Will you post pictures?

Also, happy birthday and happy halloween!!!!!


Wow, cool cupcakes! Happy birthday to you and your mom. Thanks for all the fun creations you share.

Casey Wright

Love those - simple, sweet and scrumptious!

gina p

the cupcakes are AMAZING! Mmmm...I have a sweet tooth all of the sudden :-)

wendi r

ohhh I just want to eat those cupcakes how yummy!!!! super cute and happy halloween!!!!

Michele P.

I'm doing cupcakes too but yours are too cute! Thk! for this spooktacular giveaway!

stephanie alaine

oh allison you're so cool! and you put such a touch of love & creativity on all these things! can't wait to hear about your costume! happy BIRTHDAY and a great HALLOwEEN!


ahhhh soo cool!!!!! THANKS for SHARING!


super cute cupcakes. thnx for sharing. happy halloween!

Jen Gall

Those cupcakes are amazing! Love the spiderwebs!

Cathy In Chicago

Trick or Treat smell my feet, give me some good Hambly stuff to help me create!!

I love those cupcakes!!


Some great inspiration here! I wanna find out which house I need to T&T to get one of those cakes!

leslie o.

Great cupcakes! yum! Happy halloween indeed :)

Carole Hepburn

Lovin the cupcake design - send one my way ! The layout with the purple web and the Harry Potter costume is fabulous are all the layouts - total Halloween goodness


Those cupcakes are the Hambly Halloween themed product too :)

Robin M

Very cool halloween cupcakes. Thanks for the giveaway.
Have a spooky day!


I love fancy cupcakes AND Halloween - these are great!

Dana Tatar

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the web template, those cupcakes look scary good :)

Heidi Y

Wow! Too cute... and yummy!! Have a wonderful Halloween!

carol in seattle :)

Those cute cupcakes look like the perfect project for my kids tomorrow when they're "SO BORED"! Happy Halloween!

Keandra Willis

hambly makes me SWOON!!!

Julie Gammon

really like the idea of using a fork to hold up the little spooky signs *sweet*!

Mrs Frizz

those cupcakes look super duper fabbo ...

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

Hambly Studios inspires us to have a SPOOK-TACULAR Halloween! Thanks, Hambly!


cute stuff!!
happy halloween!

Jen D

those cupcakes look delicious!

Liz Lumsden

Great Halloween stickers and your cupcakes came out great! Now to go to the store to check things out!


Those cupcakes are amazing, and I love all your Halloween stuff! (If I win I'll probably save it up for next year though, since I have a baby due in March so I'll have a little pumpkin to photograph next year) :)


I'm off to try making some of those cute cupcakes and I love the little spiderweb covered creepy canvases. GREAT!!!


Happy Birthday for yesterday and Happy Halloween for tomorrow. As I was born and raised in the UK celebrating Halloween was not a big think but this year I am truely prepared for the celebrations. Keeping my fingers crossed I am a lucky one with the giveaway.


Adorable cupcakes!
Happy Halloween Hambly!!!

Kathryn Johnson

Love the cupcakes! I'm so excited for Halloween-wish there was more time to do all the projects I want to!




Super Cool cupcakes !

Chris S

Cute stuff! Thanks for the chance...

La grande cupcake

Love those cupcakes...made something similar last year!Great blog too!

Robin Walston

Those cupcakes are so cute!


I love those cupcakes, so cute! Happy Halloween!

Love it all, such great inspiration!!! The small canvas is too cute!

Anna-Marie Still

Definately going to have to make some of those cupcakes! They look fab with your stickers - what a great, yet simple idea!


Hope you and your mom had a spooktatular birthday! Thank you for treating us with all this eye candy, inspiration, and a chance to win some goodies!


Lovely! Fabulous job on the cupcakes! :D

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