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Cindi T

Love those rub ons.


This is my lucky day thanks to Ali's Blog. I was reading Tuesday Tudortorial which I found interesting but knew I would never take the time to label little bottles etc around my house. Then I saw the suggestion for scrapbook titles, and I considered gift tags so I had to click the link. Wow! Your papers are fantastic. I found more rub on ideas with your awesome rubons. Like I said my lucky day ---- I found you.


I loved your tutorial on Ali's blog. Then again, I LOVE Hambly's rub-ons, overlays, papers and what-not... :)


Woot! I saw your awesome tutorial earlier today and I can't wait to try it! Keeping my fingers crossed!


Great ideas with those rub-ons!


Great tutorial, thanks for the chance to win!

Laura Stewart

cute idea

Melanie K.

I LOVED the tut on Ali's blog today ... and hoped to see a giveaway! Yippee!
I so hope I win ... I LOVE Hambly!


off to check the tutorial. thanks for the chance to win.

Andrea MacDonald

I loved your tutorial on Ali's blog today. I can't wait o try. I love Hambly goodies!!!


Love your tutorial...I went straight to the stationary store!


Loved the tutorial...such a good idea for labeling things in such a pretty way! Thanks for the giveaway...I'd love to win!


love your stuff!


Loved the tutorial today and I'm looking forward to trying it with lots of my ROs!

Monica B

Awesome! I will definitely check out the tutorial.


Wow! Loved your creations. But I'm really excited because I live near by. Do you folks have a showroom? I'd very much enjoy getting a look at all your products. WRE


awesome label idea :) thank you for sharing


gorgeous labels, pick me!

Chris S

Love the rubons - thanks for the chance!


I read your tutorial this morning and thought it was fab! I'm ready to label some stuff in my house now and get more organized. :)


Would love to use these for all the canning I hope to finish up in the next few weeks.

mary e

great tutorial. . . I love labels


I have all those rubons so I was so glad to see the tutorials on Ali's blog as I think they are so perfect to use!! definitely loved it!


Great tutorial, and I love the labels!


Love the tutorial! What a easy way to dress up things in the home :)


Great tutorial!!! Thanks for the ideas


just read the tutorial on ali's blog and thought that was one of the best ideas ever!


How timely!
I spent the day purchasing storage solutions for my studio and these labels will look very pretty on them. Great and very pretty idea!
Thank you. And thank you for the opportunity to win.

Michelle A.

Love your project and those rub ons are fabulous!!! Thanks for the chance to win!


These rubons are gorgeous! Great project, too!

Erin Johnson

Every time I see Hambly stuff used I fall more and more in love with it!

Renee K

What a cool project! Thanks for the inspiration.


fab tutorial -- would be great for wedding favors!

Jennifer Hisi

I saw it earlier today, and saved it to try around the house..! Thanks!

Meredith Treloar

Oh I lurve Hambly rubons!! I would love to win! Off to check out the tutorial!!


Thanks for sharing the awesome tip!! :)


Love love love these rubons! Thanks for the chance to win!

Maria Therese

great tutorial!!

Tifany D.

Oh...awesome! I love Hambly rub-ons!
{I've been known to dumpster dive for them at the C&T Publishing warehouse :o) }


I read you tutorial yesterday and I loved it!!! So many ideas :o) It made me think of Christma-gifts to make :)
Thank you so much for sharing!

And thank you so much for the chance to win those wonderful rub-ons!

Have a lovely day :o)


I love it! I want it! :)

Absolutely cute!!! thanks for the idea! =9

Angela T.

What a great idea! I think these would look great on storage canisters on the counter, too!


Well clearly I shall get no housework done on my 4 days off as I shall be making everything look pretty as per your ideas! Much more fun altoghether and no one will notice the dust as they'll be distracted by my lovely new labels:)


Loving the tutorial and the rub-ons!

Christine Villacarlos

love the tutorial! those bottles look so pretty with some hambly lovin' :)

Claire W

Great idea, and really love the rubons :)

Renata Pacheco

I really love your tutorial. It's a great way to make beautiful labels for everything


What a fantastic tutorial!!


Love the tutorial!
thanks for sharing!

Delia W

Thanks for the tutorial! Dressing up everyday items.. now why have I never tough of that??

Amber Scurlock

I loved this tutorial and of course...the lovely rub-ons you used! =)

Jennifer B

I love all your stuff! Great giveaway!

Ellen B.

Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing it!!


Very cool idea!! Love the tutorial!!!


Love, love, love the label rubons! They are awesome!!

Mandy Ford

Such a great idea!


Love this idea! Thanks for the giveaway.


Your idea is adorable!


I love those label rub-ons. I have a few, but I would love to get my hands on some teal blue ones!

Kathy F

Love Hambly products. Thanks for the tutorial, thought provoking!
The party ideas are already flowing.


The tutorial was great--reminded me of the article published in Coutntry Living!


love those frames. Exactly what I'm looking for...

Tara Piper

I love this idea and think that I will be doing this in my office and pantry!


That is sooooo awesome!! I never thought to replace labels or to even make my own fun cool designed labels for organizing! Now I regret my labelmaker purchase. :P


I love Ali's tutorial's picks. She always picks the most wonderful people. Your bottles to die for!
I need labels :]

kim harter

love love love it! great idea

Jen Keith

I love what you did on Ali's blog today. I would so LOVE to have those rubons.
Jen Keith


I loved your tutorial...what a great way to "prettify" the simple things!

Emily T.

I saw that tutorial and went home last night looking for bottles I can alter :)

Love those rub-ons!

Rachel M

Great tutorial and thanks for the chance to win!

Jessica Dougherty

I saw your tute on Ali's blog. I love the idea of adding some pizazz to everyday objects!

Jill Kregel

Love those rub-ons! Sweet idea!

Beth Perry

Thanks for having a giveaway! Going to check out the tutorial now! :D


I loved the tutorial on Ali Edwards' blog! I also recall seeing labels made using Hambly Screen Prints in a home magazine. Your company is incredible!! Thank you for the chance to win.


Love all your rubons and stickers!
Great tutorial-

Dawn Sokol

Ooo, ooo, pick me, pick me!

Nancy H.

I love ideas that encourage me to use scrapbooking supplies for non-SB projects! Love this one... thanks for sharing it!


Loved the tutorial, but I love Hambly rubons even better!!!!!


looks so fancy!

thanks for the giveaway!



I love hambly!!!!

mandie segura

Those labels are SO cute! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Sarah Martina

Thank you SO much for doing this tutorial! I posted about it on my blog yesterday... I have GOT to get my hands on some of your fabulous rub-ons... Labeling? Who knew!


Super creative ideas with the labels! Thanks for the tutorial. The labels sure would come in handy around here with my baby on the way. =D


love those rub ons and LOVED the tutorial!


Great tutorials! I love Hambly rub ons :)


Adored the tutorial!

Betsey Terry

Love love love your rubons..they're like butter!! Had the chances to use them the first time at the Fiskars Crop Make & Take during the NorCal PaperChase.


Sometimes it's the little things -- making everyday objects more beautiful can make you smile. We have a clear container that we keep packets of oatmeal in -- I think it's crying out for a fancy label on the top. :-)


I can't wait to see what you have in store at Scrapfest! Thanks for the inspiration!

Jennifer Hansen

I love your rubons! Would love to have some more!


Love the tutorial! Love the labels even more!

rachael wood

GIVEAWAY to me! so fun! great tutorial

rachel hall

Loved the tutorial! :)


Awesome ideas with those rub-ons! Thanks!


love it! found the blog about a month ago and it has inspired so many ideas!!!

Caryl Hope

Clever way of using rubons, thanks for the idea! So fun for gifts. :-)

Caryl Hope

Clever way of using rubons! Thanks for the idea, so fun for gifts. :-)


Amazing tutorial! But then again Hambly IS my fav scrapbooking company so I might be a bit bias LOL :)


Love those labels. The rubons are so elegant looking. Thanks for the tutorial.

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