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Lori R

WOW! These stickers are ROCKIN'!! I love the project too! Fabulous!!


LOVE the stickers!! They are awesome! :) Can't wait to get my hands on some. Love the inspiration too!


love the new stickers!!

Sandy MacLain

We love your lines. My 11-year old daughter got me hooked on all the birds, animals and bird cages. We enjoy just cruising through the products. We have so much fun. Thanks, keep it coming!

Jenn C.

I WOULD LOVE SOME STICKERS!! Thanks for the sneak peek at that cute album too!


LOVE LOVE the new stickers! Can't wait to get some....

Anne Ganguzza

LOVE love love the stickers!!! MUST HAVE THEM... :) Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Jen S

That project looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

Wow, what an ultra-fabulous giveaway!!! These stickers are awesome!!!! I can think of endless opportunities with them!


Cool giveaway!


Gorgeous album and can't wait to see some of those stickers! :)

Lisa T.

Wow that's an awesome assortment of stickers, you're going to make one blog reader VERY happy!!! :)


My gosh, how cute are those envelopes ad stickers?! I love them and need to buy them....


you guys are great thanks for the chance


How fun! Thank you for the opportunity to win those darling stickers! Love the mini-book, too...


Your book is very cool. I love all of the layers.
Oooh, LOVE the new stickers!!!!


Wow, what a delightful little book!!! love the layering!

Ellen Bourgeois

The new stickers are so fabulous!! Can't wait to start using them!!

Beth Perry

That album looks awesome!!

Susan Jenkins

Love the new stickers! Very cool album too!


Those stickers are really cool!!! Lovely album too.


What a fun-looking album! What a great give-away too. I'd love to win some Hambly stickers. Happy 4th of July weekend. XOXO

Judith Cebreros

These stickers are amazing! Gotta have them!

Lisa B

VERY cool! I **heart** Hambly. Great minibook too!


Love those bright colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lovely. Cannot wait to get some so I can use on all of my projects! I love creating my own invitations and love incorporating them, many compliments! Sandi


love the new stickers! hambly is always so fun :)


Totally awesome! I just got finished with an 80's movie marathon, can you tell? :)


Oooh, stickers are pretty! Would love some of those!


great stickers! can't wait to play with them!

Shawnna Samples

Would love to win these delicious HAMBLY products :)


LOVE me some stickers!!!

Joy Buss

I love all things Hambly...and now we have these amazing stickers. So Great! Thanks for the chance to win! :-)

wendi r

just LOVE how fun and cute the new stickers are!!! sooo cool and great colors too... WOW love HAMBLY


SO cute ... I *hope* you're selling extra kits afterwards?!?!

Maryangella Haberman

Oh how I heart your new stickers.
Good luck to all the ladies and have a safe and happy 4'th of July.


Love the mini book! So bright and colourful.
The new stickers look great, can't wait to be able to get them over in Australia!


Wow! What a gorgeous project!


The new stickers are FAB! Can't wait to get my hands on some!

Kate Gietl

I am so excited! These stickers look wonderful and I really think they will be stunning in so many different projects!


The mini album is cute! Love the stickers. It'll be fun to use them!

Kelli P.

I love the look of those stickers and the Favorite things mini book. Awesome!


Those stickers look great!

jeanie nieva

lovely!i am drooling...:)

emily anderson

ohhhh, i hope i win some! the colors are fabulous!!

Denise Trevino

Scrapfest? I need to know more about that!


Maureen F

LOVE those stickers !!!!!!


i can't wait to get my hands on some of the new stickers - they're awesome!!!!

Zoe Pittman

I adore the butterflies, and they all look so beautiful and colorful :) I can't wait to see and use them in real life! :)


Love that book! The stickers are fab!

Dena Coe

Hambly+Stickers=Happy ME!
Those are awesome!


oh my gosh! how cute are those?! you guys always have the most adorable designs!


these stickers are amazing... will definitely be waiting for and bugging my LSS when they would arrive... my favorites are the butterfly and trees.... would also love to get some from you... (but still would be getting more as one if definitely not enough). thanks again for the opppor.


i am soo excited for all the new stuff!!


oooh! i love everything hambly makes! i would totally loooove to win the giveaway [but then again, who wouldn't?]


Kim C

Those stickers are so cool! I use your transparencies all the time - they're my favorite!


Those stickers are awesome.


Wow! I love these. Will be buying some for sure. Hambly is one of my all time faves. Happy 4th to everyone!


love your minibook and those stickers. My favourite stickers are the butterflies, owls and journalling tags.

katie t

super cute! love the new stickers!

lee i

these are so cool. would love to get my hands on these.

Kirsten W

Your new stickers look awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!


Love those stickers! Thanks for the chance to win some. Have an awesome day! :)


Oh, please, please, please pick me!


Loooove the stickers!! Yummy colors!
Oh, and Happy 4th of July!

Delia W

Love these. The bright colors makes me smile.. The mini album is sooo cute!


AWESOME stickers! Pick me!!!

heather fuentes

SUPER cute new stickers! i love the butterflies + birds. LOVE!


The stickers are Yummy! I hope to visit you someday! I'm in San Jose and can't believe that a A+ SBing company is so close!

Shelly Berg

Love the new stickers - can't wait to get my hands on some!

Amanda D

The new stickers are so awesome!!


I love, love, love Hambly stuff!!! I would absolutely love to win the stickers!


The book is fantastic! I like how you used the journal stickers.


✿✿✿✿♫♫♫Awesome FAB sticker colours!!, they will brighten up any layout!♫♫♫♫✿✿✿✿


ooh i love the fun stickers!

Jackie clark

Great. I cannot wait


Get out of here!!! Awesome new stickers. They will work with anything. Thanks for the great product.

Megan S.

Um, the stickers are adorable! I can't wait to use them on some projects!

Robyn W

wow....i love that they are so bright and funky, as Hambly is!!
pick me please, pretty please


omg!! too cute!!

Michelle A.

Looks like an awesome project... I wish I could go to scrapfest!! Fab stickers, I would love to win! Thanks!!


these rock, i am loving the trees


I love love love all your products and its so hard here in Aus to get a good variety, would love to win these..just awesome!!

Amy M.

I love these new stickers. They would go perfect with a project I am doing. I love Hambly.


wow! look at those awesome stickers!!!! holding my breath :)

brianne sheppard

id love to win these as shipping to canada is so expensive!!


Awwwww...I never win anything!! But I guess I can try!

Kristina H

Fun, fun, fun!!!!! They would be great for a baby book. I love the bright fun colors.


please count me in!!


Luv your products! my dream is to be on the hambly design team! lol Totem


The album looks great. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Susan C.

Love the new stickers!


those stickers rock!


those new stickers look like so much fun!!!

rebecca k

Love the new stickers! I am much more capable with stickers than with rub ons so these would be awesome for me :) Thanks for the chance to win.


OH wow! The new stickers are to die for!!!

kim whitten

Woo-Hoo! I love a good Hambly giveaway!
(If only I could ever win one!) ;)

Love the new stickers.

la grande cupcake

love the cool colors ....thanks for the chance to win!Go team Hambly!

Melanie K.

Oh, I would love these stickers! Keeping my fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed!


Oh my I loooove those stickers!

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