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Jessica Dougherty

Happy Earth Day! I'm posting 'green' finds all week!


OMG swoon I would looove to win this!


Happy Earth Day... And Happy about the Hambly goodies!!! Thanks!!


Those items are perfect for Earth Day!!

Melissa Magee

Yay Earth Day...and Yay Hambly!!!You guys rock!


Yay for Earth Day! Just love your awesome products! =)


Yeah a great giveaway! I was just about to begin some spring layouts, so your timing is perfect.

lori p.

Nature products, Hambly, Earth day and a giveaway!!! Thank YOU!

Ronee Parsons

Happy Earth day! :)

Brit S.

Gorgeous! Thanks for doing an Earth Day Giveaway. :)


Hurray for Earth Day, and hip-hip-hurray from a Hambly giveaway!

Love, Katie

Kat G

Thank you for the opportunity to win and for supporting Earth Day!

Laura Stewart

love the wood grain !


a poem:
if the world stays green
and our love grows
i'll be a scrapbook machine
like nobody knows

that's right. i love hambly.


Thanks for the give-ways. Let's try to conserve more, by increasing the air-con temp by a couple of degrees; switch off electrical appliances rather than leaving them on standby; bring our own shopping bags. Love the flower project, I've started picking out which papers to use.


I particularly love the Gulf-of-Mexico-sands part of Earth!! Especially at this time of year! Thanks for the giveaway!


I just love those flowers!
I am so making some for my mom for mother's day!

Happy Earth Day Hambly!

Julie M

Happy Earth Day! As always, love me some Hambly goodness!

Kim C

I'm loving my transparencies!

gian de la rama

thanks for the giveaway. :)

jeanie nieva

happy earth day! :)


Oh how I love Hambly!! Unfortunately, I don't get to work w/ it very much, there are not any stores around where I live that offer it. I know I could order off the 'net, but my Husband has been burned by that so I'm not able to do it. Yes, I'm whining!!! I love you guys!!!! Thank you for the opportunity.


happy earth day!!

Tonya Ashe

Great Giveaway!
Blessings, peace, and love to you,

Michelle A.

happy earth day! thanks for the chnace to win.


Oooh yay! I love those things!! Thanks for the give away!! :D

Debbi's stuff is AMAZAZING!!! lol. And I LOVEd those paper flowers!!!


Happy Earth Day! The flowers are so cool!


Would love the giveaway! Thanks Hambly!


Happy Earth Day everyone! "D


Happy Earthday! Those hamblys are awesome!

Natalie Hochberg

Your the best thanks for the giveaway. Keep up the good work look forward to reading more.


your products are so cool... while I love the next good cute baby theme (new mom at 40) I like that the screenprints line is a bit edgier than your standard scrapbook fare. Thanks for all the wonderful designs and ideas!

Debbie C

What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Earth Day!


What a fun way to celebrate Earth Day - Thank you!

Kim Gust

I'd love to win! Thanks for the fun giveaway!


Love the give away. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Thank you for a chance to win!

Jenn in Vancouver

Wendy Vagner

Happy Earth Day and thanks for the opportunity to win some of Hambly's wonderful, ever so, yummy product !!!


Thanks for a great Earth Day giveaway!


i just love ALL of these nature-themed products!


Earth Day is awesome and so is Hambly Prints! I have to buy 2 of every one I like cause I use one and keep the other just to look at! Thanks for your great work!


Happy Earth Day! The flowers look like a good weekend project.


Very cool ... yes please!! :)


What a great way to celebrate Earth Day - who doesn't love Hambly!!

Julie GM

Love the colors!
Happy Earth Day!

donna busch

Sweet Mother of us all, our planet Earth!
donna b


Those flowers are too cool! Happy Earth Day, Hambly :)

lorena b.

Hambly knows how to rock Earth Day! WooHoo!


Wow - what an amazing giveaway! :D


Great giveaway....thanks!

Mia Helen

Oh man an earth day giveaway what a perfect union of lovely things!

Danielle Dews

i heart hambly


Hambly's Earth! Yeah! How wonderful!


Happy Earth day! Love your giveaway!


these are yummy! earth day rule :)

Danielle Muit

Woohoo, how exciting!! Love from Holland (where the grass is green and the skies are blue! ;-))


Happy Earth Day!!! love hambly flowers and trees and heliconias...nature is always a great inspiration source!


my kiddies are very vigilant about earth day and anything we can do as a family to ensure a wonderful future for the generations that follow!! and thanks for the opportunity to win so gorgeous Hambly!! YUM!!


HI!! i love your products!! and the girls from your team have a lot of talent!! GOOD JOB!!!

by paLLina


Oh! I love those products. Yeah for nature!


Great Earth-Day giveaway, thanks!


woow so cool!!! amazing giveaway

Anita V

I love giveaways:o)


Debee's gallery is smashing - I adore everything that girl does!!
Thanks for the chance to win!
Have a fab day,

maria therese

cute flowers!!


Everyone loves a giveaway - you're so kind! Thank you Hambly!


LOVE the rub-ons and the colors are great!! HAPPY EARTH DAY to all of you! :)

Hugs Ida

gayle martin

Happy Earth Day and congratulations Debee!!

Thanks for the give away.


Great giveaway! I really love all these nature-themed products!!


So cool!! I love it.

Ria Mojica

Happy Earth Day!


I love me some Hambly!!!

St├ęphanie Pouliot

Happy earth day!
What a great giveaway!

Heather M

Awesome! have a great Earth Day!
Make Every Day Earth Day :)

Jenn Pipe

this would be a great way to ring in spring! thanks!


i can never get enough of hambly!!! i want some!! pretty pls!!

Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day! Thanks for a chance to win.

Delia W

Wow. Love everything.

Thanks for a chance to win.


Happy Earth day and thanks for the great giveway!


Awesome idea for Earth Day!! =D


Please enter me...I want to win!!!!!!!

Happy Earth Day!

Jen :-)

Mary Patterson-Ezzell

whoo-hoo! happy earth day my friends - very cool giveaway!! :) smiles, m-


WOW! Thank you so much. What a beautiful prize package.


Happy Earth Day!!! Your nature-themed products are some of my absolute favorites!


Happy Earth Day!


Hey Hambly! Would love to get my hands on some of those goodies!!


Happy Earth Day to us!


I've loved Hambly products since the first time I saw them!
What a great way to celebrate Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day!!! Thank you so much for the happy giveaway!!! :)

Debbie F

Fantastic Guest Designer. I love Debee's work! Thanks for the incredible offer of a giveaway each month. My love for Hambly never ends...


Happy Earth Day!
What a great give away!


How fun!! Happy earth day to all!

Sue Feher

Since most of my photos are of nature, this would be a win-win situation. Thanks for the opportunity!


Oh, those flowers are just lovely!


Happy Earth Day!


Thanks for a chance to win some awesome goodiies! Happy earth day!

L. Trollinger

Wow...yummy nature inspired Hambly products in celebration of Earth Day...great giveaway!

Ann Cicilie

Happy earth day :)

Thank you for alle the lovely inspiration you share with us on this blog :)


Great giveaway!!!!


Happy Happy earth day!!!

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