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How can I pick JUST ONE?

The Kraft Sticker sheets with the Owls are too cool. Also, I still have a slight obession with your chandeliers!

Keep up the awesome work!

Ann Cicilie

I'm SO looking forward for more of those kraft stickers!!!

And can't wait to lay my hands on the Onesies overlays, and pf course I'll need one of each colour of the overlays with circles <3


I love the classic animal rubons the mostest! They will be great for my baby boys (twins, so need double set) first year book. I also gotta say I love the all mixed up overlays. I have used your other similiar overlays and LOVE them!


I love the onesies, perfect for a project that I have planned!


Love me some Hambly!!! The all mixed up and onesies look like the first must haves!!! I just used a Hambly overlay tonight on a LO!!!


Love the cute animalrubons! And the "all mixed up" papers and overlays!! Wow. Lots of musthave this time too :)


love it ALL! a MUST have for sure!

Lee L

I soooo can't wait till these are in store!!!!
speshly the little circles (be still my heart!)

Rebecca G.

I adore them all, but I have to say that the woodgrain rub ons are my absolute favorite! I'm crossing my fingers...

Caroline Kelley

I can't pick I love them all!

Sandrine alias Didine

Woodgrain textures, owls, trees, chandeliers,.... oh please it's impossible to pick only one 'cause they are ALL AMAZING !!!

Robyn W

wings are would be winning any hambly.... put me in pleaseeeeeeeeeee


They are all fantabulous! But I think the small circles and the all mixed up will be my new faves!


they look fabulous Allison!

Sue Bone

They all look fab.


I love all the rub-ons; I seriously think I need all of them in every color!! I also really love the clear stickers; they look like so much fun!


woohoo,just love classic Hambly stickers and overlay’s,and these owls are adorable I think they can’t find the way to the Netherlands.please please fly to me.


Looks awesome again ! Those onesies are super cute ! Even though my babies are big, I love them.


i can't choose between the wings and the animals and the all-mixed up and the onsies!!! it's too hard!! they're all good.


The Onesies and Little Circles are THE BEST! I can't wait to trick these out with alcohol inks!


I love the onesies papers!


love all of it!!!! love the honeymoon-inspired branch!!!


Stickers are so beautiful!

maria therese

having a baby in few short months I loved the babyclothes print the most!!

June Goh

the butterflies are really cute !

Jennifer law

my favorite is the wings.


it is soooooo difficult to choose!!!!! but if i had to, i´d choose the "wings" with those lovely butterflies and the "all mixed up" overlays and then the classic animals rub-ons, and then...all of them deserve my love! ;)

Tina mayo

wings and the owl stuff...I just love it!!

Maj Carita

Great new collection!
And I love the illows you made with rub-ons!


WOW ! all your new products are so beautiful but my favorite is Onesies... so cute !!!!


I'm drawn to the little circles, but really... how can anyone choose? Aren't they just all too cute?
Love to do something with the clear and/or kraft stickers... oh and the owls and the bird cage.... djeezzz
Can't decide. Keep up the good work!



Mabel M

Love the new butterflies!!! this is a fantastic transparencys =)


they are all awesome! my favorites are the textured rubons.

your products are always soooo coool!


I love the onesies and the animals!!!

Lydia S

I cant really say which is my favorite!Since I love them all, But if I have to choose then its a toss between the oneies and the butterflies.


Bravo, the news products are beautiful !


WOW!!! Love everything!!


love oursies and stickers, i would eat them if i could.....


More gorgeous goodies! It is so difficult to choose a favourite as I will end up with them all but Wings is looking especially cool from here. Thanks Hambly for taking scrapping to a new dimension. :)

amy christine

my favorites are wings and little circles.
i think i can and will use little circles on just about everything i make. :]


I'm loving All mixed up!

stephanie peachey

i think the small cirvles are so versatile, but the Mixed up are equally so! loving the new animal and woodgrain rub ons.


Love the little textures rub ons and the animal. Can't wait to get little circles too! It's all lovely


Ohhh, my faves are Wings and All Mixed Up!


i love the texture and anomal rubons, the wings papers and the hanging heliconoas overlays!yes hard to decide!!


Too many to pick the overlays!


Love all your yummy stuff!!!


All mixed up!! Soooo versatile!! :D


Oh, it doesn't feel good to only choose one of the designs because they are all fabulous! But I think I'll go with the little circles... they are perfect!

Donna W

I can't decide - I love them all. Would love to see them in real life!

Michelle Dort

Loving the onsies design! Perfect timing too because a friend just found out that she is preggers - a scrappy friend :)


Picking just one is not easy ... i love it all. But the Wings really catches my eye.


I love the Little Circles and those Classic Animals!

Jessica Turner

I love the onesies.

Birgit Koopsen

Ohhh my goodness!! all of them are gorgeous! Love, love, love all of it!! The butterflies, the littel circles... But my favorite is absolutly all mixed up!

Julia in MI

You have some great new products. My favorite is the all mixed up overlay.

Anna Sigga

Fantabulous stuff - my favs are the Wings overlays, the textured rub-ons and the Onesies papers!!

Tina Cloer

I love so many of them...but the butterlies are my fav! Thanks for being so fabulous!


I just started yesterday with all the gifts received from my dd, cause she knew i am hooked with your products! soon i will decide about what i like more!

Amy Coose

I just LOVE those circles!!!


I love the elegant labels. But then I love all Hambly overlays and rubons.


Of course they're all beautiful...but wings is absolutely my favourite!!!!!


Everything looks amazing! I love the classic animal rub ons and the little cirlce overlays. Can't wait to see them in my lss!

Danielle Flanders

I love all the new Hambly and would love to win!!!

Katherine McKamey

My favorite designs are the Big Butterflies. I can't wait to get creative with them! : )


OK, I am officially in love with EVERYTHING. New to the blog, not the both equally:)!!!!

Heather Marsiglia

the new stuff looks awesome!

Liz Suarez

I LOVE the onesie overlays. My husband and I are officially trying now, and I can't wait to scrap every little thing I can about the pregnancy and the baby!!!

Jen Otto

Yummy woodgrain...I'm in heaven. And how flippin' cute are those animals ans onesies! Awesome stuff as always!


All mixed up transparency and label rubons are my favorite but I love each and everything that Hambly offers...


i pretty much love everything!! so fresh and unique!! i wish it were more available where i live...sigh...



Just lovin' the Butterflies! The new line is wonderful.

Holly Hanks

I'm absolutely loving all of the new designs! Thanks for such an amazing giveaway! :0)

Shannon R.

I love the new wings design! I can't wait to get my hands on some when it hits the stores.


Picking one favorite is hard so I'll go with my top 3: All Mixed Up, Little Circles, and Classic Animals.

Mandy Ford

LOVE the new stuff...especially the animal rub-ons!


Oh my oh my, what lovely goodies!!! Gotta be the onesies for me, soooo cute!


I am never dissapointed by your new releases! I love the animal rubons and the new wings paper!
Since i don't have a LSS it would be awesome if i won some of these!


So in love with the Wings Overlays!!! And of course all of the Owls!!!

Anna Levia

I am so addicted to rubons! I love love love love the owls!


Jennifer Schultz

Oh I love it all!( as usual)

Fav? I will say butterflies. or onsies...


Once again, fabulous new releases! Love them all, but especially the heliconias and craft stickers (yep - all of them)!

stephanie alaine

oh hambly! you are the sweetest, sweet! you know what i love about you? you always know what i need, often before i know to start looking for it! i am infatuated with your labels, i have been looking all over for something like you. i want to rub them onto my everything, add a little more beauty to the ordinary pieces in my life. you fill me with ideas that inspire, designs that delight. i am some kind of grateful for the discovery of your line of products. my whole life is funkier, brighter, neater and a lot more fun! thank you thank you for this blog and for all your hard work. xoxox happy love celebration stephanie alaine


I love the onesies ... and the butterflies .....


How to pick a favourite??
They're all so yummy!

Kim Gust

I love the onesies and the little circles!


i love all the little circles - the colors are great!

Julie GM

Whoo-hoo! I'm excited! Can I please have one of all of it?! =) Great, stunning, yummy colors - you did an awesome job! Once again... You still have me hooked. xo


First of all, I LOVE all of the kraft and clear stickers. They are adorable! My favorite designs would have to be Onesies and All Mixed up!

You all are doing a great job with your new products!


I am in LOVE with the owls! Can't get enough of 'em and you guys do 'em so well!! Keep up the great work & thanks for the giveaway! :)

Anna S

Oh, I like the little cirlces and all mixed up.

Trace Geworsky

oooh..I especially love the wings and the owls:)


WOW, too much awesomeness for me! I'm in love with the wings and the onesies!!!!

Carina Storevik Mjøs

I love everything you make! But nothing compares to your owles! I just can not live without them! xxx

Lisa T.

The onsies are just too cute, and I love the classic animals you brought back!

Amy Wilges

ohhhhhhhhhh i love the textures one. although i really could use the clear stickers too. lol gahhh...i want them all! :)

Amy Wilges

Mary Gonsalves

ohhhh I am so excited! I love the circles, the owls, the onesies... decisions decisions!!


Hambly ROCKS. I totally love the new releases (all of them). Those tree stickers are soooooo cute!

Stacy Koo

I'm excited! cant wait to get my hands on every single one of them! I would say this 2009 collection is a hit from the start! I do prefer the Wings HP092 or the Onesies HP093, they're too cute to ignore! :) Waiting for more to come along the way~

from a Hambly crazy scrapaholic - Stacy :)

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