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i couldn't wait to take my chances with the giveaway. i already placed my order. i am so IN LOVE with everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I want some Hambly it's Hambilicous!


I like the butterflies.. and the little circles.. gah!

Jennifer Hansen

Loving the butterflies..and the owls and trees are pretty cute too!

kristina K

loooove the releases. The little circles are my fave....


love them all!!! but if i had to choose... the Little circles.. All mixed up and those yummy stickers and rubons!


love the new onsie design!!


I love the onesies (I just had a baby so I'm very excited about that design!) and the all mixed up designs... LOVE them!


Love the little circles!!

Melissa B

Can't wait to get my hands on these new designs - especially the rubons and papers.

Tagnia Clark

I love Wings

Melissa Magee

I love it all! The hooters will always be my #1 though!

Laura B.

There are so many new designs out that it makes it hard to choose. I want them all!




I'm so digging the texture rubons, yummy

Jaime O

They are all great - but I would have to say I like the Classic Animals and Hanging Heliconias the most.


How fun! I would love to win!


Love all the new stuff!! Can't wait to get my hands on some of the animal rub-ons and the onesies!!

Louise D

Love them all - esp all mixed up. Can't wait to have a play with them! Louise


Love them all and the colors are beautiful. My favorite....heliconias

Thanks for the give away!

heather fuentes

the little circles and wings make me SO happy! although the heliconias are fab, too. thanks for the LE from CHA! i'm trying REALLY hard not to order more. heh. can't wait for all these releases come march, tho! especially the rubs! swoon.


I am really liking the kraft stickers!


The clear labels - what couldn't they go on?! I mean, really. I am imagining them all over my house labeling all the obvious items - door, window, etc. with much more sophistication. My 21 month old has to learn her words in style ;)

Hello, we have to have Hambly here! Say that 10 times over. And click your heels together three times.



oh please oh please pick me!!!!

Erin B

I love the new Hambly! It's all so fun! I think I like the butterflies and the animal rub one the best.

Shawnna Samples

one word....


at least I think it is one word ;)
Love everything wood or woodsie

Erin H.

I love the onsie and mixed up overlays and the animal rub-ons! Mostly I LOVE the colors of everything!!!


these are gorgeous!!!
thanks for all this beauty!


love the circles and the heliconias and the onsies and all mixed up...sheesh, you do such good work it's hard to decide! But I ALSO love the jungle animal rub ons, so cute!, and the wood grain rub ons, so perfect. COuld I just have five or six or seven of everything (no more than seven, I don't want to be greedy!)


I honestly think that I love all of the new releases, especially the rub-ons! The design team is creating awesome things with the new stuff!!

Kirsten W

You know that with a baby boy the ONESIES are my FAVORITE! So cute! Love everything!

Velvet Spicer

OMG look at all the yummy scrumptiousness that is Hambly! I can't wait to get my hands on this stuff! Thank you, thank you!


I'm salivating over the "All Mixed Up" transparencies!

Laura Stewart

love the all mixed up papers

Delia W

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little baby grows... and I don't even have kids.. but I have plenty of friends and family with kiddies.. and I can think that cards for a newly born... aahhhh.. They are so cute


this release is great!
i think my favorite things are the elegant frames overlays...beautiful!
can't wait until this stuff arrives at Scrap Etc.!


love the butterflies and the animals!


omgggggggggg i saw you guys as cha and i CANNOT wait to see the new goodies in my lss!!! i'm drooling over the woodgrain rub ons! gah!! seriously. i'm in love with the new stuff. you guys never cease to amaze!

Melanie K.

HA! Tell you my favorite??? They ALL are my favorite! Just give me any thing you choose and I will be one happy girl!

Ginny H

Everything looks wonderful ! My favorites are the Elegant Labels. I'll be starting on my son's wedding pics soon and they are a must have for the album !

Debbie F.

the rub on animals are my favorite!!! The butterfly overlays are awesome, too. As well as the onsies. And the All Mixed Up. oh, heck. I like 'em all!

Isabel H.

Gosh, I love them all, but my favorite ones are the onesies and all mixed up.
I just love Hambly, period!!!

Dawn Horton

I'm in love with the owl stickers and the birdcage stickers!!

Jennifer Johnson

Love, love,love the onesies! And the Classic animals rub-ons! Can't wait!

Holly B

Wow, this all looks so great. I'm loving that LO with the animals.

Glenda Tkalac

I so can't pick a fave so I'll say all of them!!! Love the new stuff!


I love the Animals - wish I could see them bigger!


love the heliconias! can't wait to use them!


Oh nooo.... I cannot decide...... All Mixed Up.... no no.. maybe the Wings..... i love dem alll....


My fave is the colour tree and owls stickers!

Susan Jenkins

I love the Classic Animals, Wings and the Little Circles!


I just love the chandelear stickers! All te bright colors are gorgeous!!

Sherry Owens

i love the butterflies and all mixed up... everything is gorgeous :)

Laura Fiore

I can't wait for those fun stickers! Love all of your new designs!

Alice Carman

I love it ALL!


totally lovin' the butterflies and the little circles!


Everything is awesome! I really love Wings and Texture Ones. Thanks for a chance to win.


They are all beautiful, but I think I like the tree stickers the best!


Im going gaga over the onesies and I dont even have kids! LOL

Im hoping some of my friends get knocked up soon, so i have a really good excuse to buy the onesies pp and overlay!:)

eh...even if they dont I'll still find a way to use it. Its too cute too pass up.


love the labels...oh heck i love it all!


Oh my! I love them all. The butterflies, the tiny outfits, the chandeliers can't deside which I love best. I'll just have to have them all! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Dana G

Awesome! Love the butterflies and the circles especially but it all make my creative fingers itch to make something! :)


i agree that all of these are great!!! my fav is probably the textured rub-ons.


Jeanie Nieva

i love the chandeliers! :)

maria m

Ohh ahh, love the wings!

Carolyn Burgess Sellers

The new stuff looks great!! ;-)


Love them all but my favs are the butterflies & the owls.


I love them all. I need them all!
You have outdone yourselves. Just beautiful.

Michelle F Altoona WI

There really isn't anything I don't love. I really do like the owls/birds and the damask rubons,overlays, and stickers.


it's very very hard to choose a favorite when every hambly product is top notch, high quality and amazingly designed. It really is one of my most favorite companies and I recommend Hambly to all of my artist friends and my students!!!!!!

I LOVE the new designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lisa tanner

can't wait to see it all in real life!

Candice PJ

Love the circles and the woodgrain! Definitely my favorites!

emily (justem)

I love the new woodgrain rubons and the animal rubons. I also am quite fond of the onesie transparencies!! So fun! :)

Erin Ferree

I love the sheet of animals - so cute!


journaling stickers and all mixed up!!! those are my faves!

Harley W.

LOVE it all! I'm a sucker for anything woodgrain, so the rub-ons ROCK!


You have been so busy. Thanks for the new products and the new inspiration:)


Absolutely lovin' All Mixed Up and Little Circles. By far, my 2 favorites!

Then again, some pretty awesome stickers, too! :)

Danielle Stussy

the new stuff is wonderful! :)
i love the hanging heliconias.
and the classic animals? love it!



I'm totally in love with the texture rub-ons and the owl and tree kraft sticker collection! But they are all amazing!


The onesies are oh so sweet!


the onesies, definitely the onesies!!!


Love love love those classic animals!


I would have to say ALL are my favourites !
Can't wait for the new releases to hit our shores !



I LOVE All Mixed Up Lays and All the Sticker sheets


I'm in love with the little circles as well as the climbing vines - especially the pink and orange!


I'll take all of it, please!! :) LOVE the Elegant Label Rubons and All Mixed Up!!

Karen M

I never get enough of Hambly! I can not wait to get some of the fantastic new stuff. Loving those butterflies!!!


love it all!

Jen Deal

Yay!! New Stuff!! Love the rub-ons...especially Classic Animals & Woodgrain. Woo!


I love anything and everything with a wood grain pattern! AMAZING!


correction..I love the All Mixed Up transparencies and the wood grain rub ons!


I am in love with the butterflies!!

Teresa M

Overlays...I love them!! the rubons are running a close second. They are all terrific. Hope I can win.


I cannot get enough overlays - just love them and I think the all mixed up might be my new favourite. But wings is a close second.



I really like All Mixed Up; Textures One is pretty cool too!


I love butterflies!! They are so lovely!!


Ooh love the new product, can't wait for it to be in my LSS

Danielle Dews

I loved seeing your new products at CHA! And that patchwork pillow you made with rub-ons was super fly. I just might have to steal that idea... Hope you had a fun time at the Stay n Play Cafe workshop and had a successful show overall!

Shelley Morrison

Obsessed with the onesises!! And I love the classic animal rub-ons (they remind me of back in the day)!!! Everything is just so creative & fun.

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