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  • Tassel garland for Scrapbooking
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  • Fun DIY party Ideas
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  • DIY custom camera
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  • Rolled Fabric Flowers
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  • Candle with Rub-on Decoration
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  • Personalized door"
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  • Hanging Overlay Decor
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  • Overlay placemats
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  • Doily Rub-on Canvas
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  • Paper Rosettes
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  • Washi Tape Banners
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  • Hand-Stitching on Paper
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  • Paper Bowties
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  • Printing on Washi Tape
  • Using Rub-ons as a resist
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  • Overlay & Paper Transfer
  • Paper Flowers
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  • DIY Pendant
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  • Paper Fortune Cookies
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  • Overlay Lamp (Ikea Hack)
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  • Paper weaving
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  • Paper Garland Tutorial
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gorgeousness! what incredible talent!


great inspiration from a variety of ladies!! of course, they have great inspiration to use as far as products go ;)

Kristi B.

all the projects in the DT galleries are so creative. I'm happy to see I have a place to help me with ideas. I have quite the collection of Hambly products, but find myslef a little challenged when it comes to using them.


Wow! Fantastic galleries. Thanks for all the inspiration!


So overwhelmed with all the fresh talent!


Awesome, can't wait to see what they do!

heather marsiglia

congrats to the dt! i'm sure they'll totally rock :)


Such tremendous inspiration!!!


Congrats to the fab new team. I love how *worldly* this team is. Such diversity can only equal really fun fantastic creativity.


Such tremendous inspiration!!!


For someone who hasn't even really begun scrapbook, I'm def inspired!

Kim K

Wow... it's good to see sooo many cool ideas from a bunch of wonderful ladies from all around the world! I can't wait to see what's next :)
Congrats ladies!

Katherine McKamey

Wow! The talent is just overwhelming! Can't wait to see all the gorgeous things y'all make in the future!


Congrats to the new team!

Alycia Sanders

yay! FINALLY, they're here! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to see the galleries and they're all GORGEOUS! Great picks!

Erin B

love the new DT! some of my favorite scrappers!


Congrats to the new design team!


They have some great looking stuff! Can't wait to see more. (I totally love everyone's "10 things" btw) :)

Jann Saulsberry

absolutely a FANTABULOUS DT -- love the galleries -- so inspired to use Hambly in wonderfully new and creative ways!

rachel carlson

so great to see all the new DT galleries, great inspiration. cheers to all of you! hugs, rachel

Korey Lindberg

Yay for the new design team!!! I can't wait to see what they come up with.



best design team ever!!! and great projects, girls - I'll be checking back for sure.


Love the new product you keep coming up with - the camera rubons are awesome!! Love it! Keep it up!

Amber Scurlock

Gorgeous stuff...LOVE it!

Katie F

What a creative DT!

Emily Barklage

Cool chicks, can't wait to check out their work!

Felicia Lie

looks like a wonderful team! can't wait to see their awesome works! :)


What a fabulous group of talented ladies! Congrates to all the new DT! Cant wait to see what else you all show us!


Great team with fabulous layouts and ideas! Love all the layouts!

Jennifer Hansen

I'd love some goodies...pick me!


sigh. that team seriously makes me happy. i am off to check out galleries and can't wait to see what everyone comes up with from here on out. amazingly beautiful group of girls. YAY!


wow - there is so much inspiration & gooodness here -gets me right in the mood to create

annie brown

i'm amazed by hambly dt's consistency of unique flair.

betsy sammarco

Wow! I should be in bed, but couldn't resist checking out the DT. Wonderful scrappers! Have a blast girls! - betsy


awesome team! so much creative inspiration! love it!


What a great showcase of designs and interesting ladies. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at their layouts. Thanks!

Maxine Parker

WOW it all looks awesome. What a talented DT you have. Look forward to seeing all the wonderful creations.


The new team is... INSANE! You've got an awesome buncha girl workin' it for ya! Can't wait to see more!

Patti H

Holy heck this DT rocks. I adore Kara and all her lovely creations....amazing stuff ladies!

heather rene

Congrats to you all on some fabulous work!! I'm just a little bit jealous...just a little.


new DT pages look great!


Congrats girls!!! Great design team.


The DT girls are the most fortunate team... they get to play with your awesome goodies...!!


You have a very talented bunch there. I'm looking forward to checking out all their future creations.

Jessica F

You got some good ones for sure!!!


Wow, this stuff all looks so great! And I'm totally with Amanda on the balloon popping thing!


wow! what a star line-up!
congrats to the new DT!


I'm loving all the inspiration! What an awesome design team . . . awesome!

Kim Arnold

Great layouts from a great team! Keep the inspiration coming


Your design team is beyond awesome!!


Beautiful galleries! The only downside is that there's one that's not working. Seems to be Renée?
And I'd love links to personal blogs too, personal blogs are fun. Apart from those minor thoughts (most of my thoughs are actually quite minor!) I loooove it. Looks good, and these are AWESOME ladies for sure! :D

Sandrine alias Didine

Oh what a great panel of different styles !! Congratulations and thank you for all this inspirational paradise ! Enormous smooches ;-)


Awesome!! Love the new DT!!
And I am sooooo proud!!
2 amazing girls from tiny little Norway, and my girl Ker!

Ann cicilie Flått


Love your designteam!

Don't know everyone, but have been taking classes with both Kerry Lynn and Anne Jo. They're brilliant, and so sweet:)

lorena b.

Yay, how exciting! Can't wait to check out what these lovely ladies have made! Yay Hambly!

Mrs Frizz

Look forward to seeing your latest and greatest creations ...


Whohoooo - two lovely norwegian girls made it. Have to love that :) Really a great DT - take good care of them.


Your DT is so WOOOOOOW ! I love the different style and origines ! Their work are so great ! I love it !

Stephanie A

What an awesome group of ladies! I'm especially in awe of Kara. What amazing talent in such a young lady!


Oh, I'm so proud of the Norwegian girls!


Awesome team of great talents! Hugs & Congrats to all! :)


Lucky you to have such great girls as your DT's!!Fun to see a couple og norwegian girls there to! Way to go!


What an extraordinairy team! Congrats!

Mabel M

What a gorgeous creative team!! and thanks for that Hambly creativity, adore those products!! =)


What a FAB team!!


A fantastic design team, lots of inpiration:)


Wow, what a team!!! Some of my favorits are here!!!
Love Hambly!!


What an amazing and talented DT!!! Looking forward to seeing their creations during their term!

Danielle Muit

Such talented girls!! Loved to see all their work.


Wow, talented girls! Can't wait to se their work!

Ann Hedvig

I think it's great that you have an international team. And of course 2 of them beeing from Norway, is not bad at all! :o)


Wowzers! That's one bunch of talented ladies! Cant't wait to see what they come up with.


What a gorgeous group you are!! Plenty of talent and inspiration!!


Of course I love your new DT!!! They are all so talanted, can't wait to see what they will create!!!


congrats to all. cool team !


The new DT is awesome! Congrats!


What an awsome team! Can't wait to see what they come up with!


fantastic DT line up. looking forward to seeing more of your creations :)

Cecilie Lundstad

I <3 the DT, and I <3 Hambly :)
Thanks for sharing!! :)


I *heart* Hambly


que des grandes..... des talents.... de superbes réas en perspective!


Hey :)
A gorgeous bunch of very talented girls, cant wait to see more of their creations!!


What talented DT members, can't wait to see what they do!


What talented DT members, can't wait to see what they do!


Awesome design team!!!

Robin O

Congrats to the new design team , can't wait to see your work :)


Very talented ladies, love their layouts! Very inspired to scrap now....:)


Congrats! I am really looking forward to see what this DT can come up with!!


Two talented norwegian girl! How cool is that?! :)
The rest om det design team is also great!!

Jenn L

the new DT has such beautiful work...simply stunning!


Fantastic team!!
Thanks for the inspiration!

maria therese

you are lucky to have such a great DT! LOOOOVE ania & renee*s work!!


Great work from your DT!!


I think you have a great DT! I am looking forward to seeing them create some Hambly art!


Looking forward to seeing what the DT come up with, using Hambly products.

Anke Humpert

..great team, great inspiration...;-)


Exciting, with the new DT! Looking forward to see what they'll make! :D

Kim Sonksen

TOtally diggin the new galleries and I am so excited about your new girls, especially Jo and Sasha


What a great DT-team!


Interesting work to look forward the "punkins" too.

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