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  • Using Rub-ons as a resist
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  • Paper Flowers
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Oh WOW! What an AMAZINGLY TALENTS group of gals! I could never pick a fav person, because they are WAY to talented and I love em all... but I do have a fav layout. I am particuarly drawn to Sasha's "unwanted" layout!

Thanks for all your amazing work ladies... off to check out some of your blogs that I haven't visited before! :)


Awesome, rocking stuff by the new DT!! Congrats to ALL!!


I really have to say that you´ve got a great Design Team so much inpiration those girls give the world.


What an awesome bunch of ladies!! I'm off to check out their blogs a little deeper.


I <3 Hambly.


Such a bunch of talented DT members must come up with pretty exciting stuff that I can't wait to see :)

Thanks for the giveaway, I love your products!!!


Holy Hamblyoly!!! Talk about a group of talented girls!


Awesome DT!!! Can't wait to see what they do.


Great inspiration!


What an awesome DT!


talent gallore!!!
congrats everyone!!! :)


New hambly-addict! Fab DT!


What a great design team. They really know what to do to show off Hambly products! Love it!

Tricia Wilson

You have selected the creme de la creme. Each one of these ladies is inspiring beyond belief! I am looking forward to seeing them create some Hambly art!!!!!


A gorgeous bunch of very talented girls, cant wait to see more of their creations!!


Can't wait to see what else they come up.

Belinda Venables

What a talented bunch!!

Looking forward to seeing what they come up with each month!



fantastic team !!! i can't wait to see their projects!!

jen w

Yeah! LOVE the new DT ... and seeing their amazing work. :)

Carole Hepburn

Awesome design team - great work !! Hambly give a way - pick me pick me !! Seriously love Hambly


great DT!


wow wow wow. thanks for sharing your talent!


congrats! can't wait to see their works!


It's the new Dream Team what a creative bunch of gals! Love it! Have a beautiful PINK DAY!

Chris P

Looks like a whole lot of talent!!

Christine Villacarlos

i always love dropping by this site for some awesome inspiration. works everytime! :) your DT rawks!

Rachel Hall

What a wonderful and inspiring team! Loved getting to know a little bit more about them and see some of their beautiful work!

Jennifer Findlay

The new DT is so awesome. Can't wait to see all the great projects that they do!

Bibi R.

I absolutely LOVE the Hambly DT!! Lots of great inspo!!


There are some very talented scrappers on this team! Looking forward to being inspired!



amy christine

i'm so loving all of the new dt members!
& & i can't wait for all of the inspiration that will come from this group. :]

Christine Villacarlos

I love dropping by this site for awesome inspiration and you never disappoint. your DT rawks!!


oh my gosh! i <3 hambly!
hambly is so lucky to have
all these talented girls!
the galleries are lovely!

Christine Villacarlos

I love dropping by this site for awesome inspiration and you never disappoint. your DT rawks!!


Looks like a great team!!


Such a great DT!! Have to give a special shout out to hot stuff Ania! So happy and proud of you girl. You have been ROCKIN the Hambly lately!


what a fantastic DT! I am soaking up the new galleries and am totally inspired!

Robin N (Tqmnurse)

how awesome that you have such a diverse team!!! I've not had an opportunity to play with hambly as it's not something available at the stores here locally....Can't wait to see what they create so that I can drool!

Dianne Thurn

Great stuff! Great inspiration!! Thanks for sharing and keeping us all going with these great ideas!

Holly Hanks

A fabulous team! Special congrats to my Tulip Girl, Sasha! ;0)


Love looking at all the gorgeousness. You have a talented group of chicks here!

Heather Keller

beautiful talent- great galleries girls!

Barbara E.

Awesome new DT!!!! =)


Wow, a dream design team, and what inspiration in their galleries. Love it, love all the new range of things. You continue to be amazing!

Sherry Owens

Awesome team, congrats KL! Way to roll!


I love what I see so far. I love Screen Prints.

jill scripps

what an amazing design team!!!

and that pink kit is AWESOME!!!


uh, that's a totally rocking design team!! Sooo much to love and admire about their work--thanks for all the inpiration :)


Congratulations, ladies! A big shout out to Sasha, who is so talented, love her work!! So excited to see her on the list!


wow....just amazing ideas amongst them all....rollon the new inspiration

Rachel H.

Awesome design team! I love that they are from all over the world :)

Jennifer Cheek

Congratulations to all of you that made DT! That is totally exciting!!!


Love the gallery. Loved reading the "10 random things about..." You have got some very talented people on your DT.


looks like an AMAZING DT!!! and all the photos look fab! can't wait to see all their work! :)


What a creative bunch!


congrats girls! I cant wait to see your stuff!
Josee :-)

laura t.

absolute eye candy - nice job ladies! and it doesn't hurt you have hambly lovliness to help!

isabel h.

I love the diversity!!!
Congrats to the DT, they are lucky


Lovely galleries & I look forward to seeing more inspiring eye candy! :)

melissa o.

Great talent! Well done ladies! And very considerate of Hambly to donate proceeds to such a great cause!!!


looking fwd to see the new DTs beautiful works!

Lindsey Loo

garsh i hope i win!


A very inspiring group of talent! I look forward to seeing their work! Happy fall!

Geneviève P

Oui, la crème de la crème, wow!!

Christi O.

Oooo, lookin' GOOD, ladies! Off to check out your blogs....enjoy your time on the Hambly DT!! :)


what a great bunch of talent...i can sense that we are in for an amazing amount of inspiration overload from these gals...and i say "bring it on" ... WOW!!!


Lori Borntreger

What an awesome DT!!!!!

Ronda Palazzari

The galleries look great! You have assembled a very inspiring team!

Lea Lawson

Wonderfully talented list of designers you've got here!! Gotta give a little shout out to my friend rock the Hambly girl!



LOVE the new DT!!!

Jessica Nole

I can't wait to see what is to come from this design team! the talent is unbelievable!


The new DT gallery looks pretty amazing! I'm looking forward to being inspired by these ladies!


You've got an incredibly talented team of designers. Love what they're doing with the Hamblys. And I must say a special Hi to Sasha! Hey Sasha! Looking good! :)


HI! (hey, any way to get free yummy stuff!)

Debbie F.

AMAZING new DT! Goooooo Dina! I'm always trying to tap into my inner Dina Wakley. She oozes inspiration and creativity! I'm a big fan. And proud to say she's a friend of mine!!

And Kerry Lynn...sweet, deep and talented. I admire her for staying real to herself. Never met her IRL, but love her from afar!! =)

Kara...just wowza over her. Although, I rarely admit that in public. It almost seems stalker-ish, since I don't know her. =)

Mandy - Amanda - I admire her stuff, too. And she's super sweet and helpful when I'm trying to get my creativity on.

These are all girls I can't get enough of!! YEAH for the new Hambly DT!! Congrats to all the women.

Jean Nielsen

Hi! October is a good month isn't it?


I love the new stuff.


Molly Morris

Thanks for the great ideas! Just makes me smile tonight.

Rachel Piper

Excellent talent!! I just got my BCR paper pack in the mail and can't wait to use my new overlays!


What a creative DT! It will be fun to see their work in the weeks ahead.


Hi Ladies !!!Great work.Have a great time on the design team!!!


YAY! You girls rock!


Love all the fresh ideas! Thanks DT


Love all the new inspiration!!!


Awesome Design team!!! Huge talent!~


Ummmm, they'll ROCK Hambly and all of our scrappy worlds for sure!! CONGRATS!!

mandie Segura

Looks great!@!!! You should pick me! :)

Jen Bell

What a great team with such creative ideas! Look forward to seeing more inspiration in the future!

Anthea Peterson

loving the DT, have a few more gals to add to my bloglines list now.

thanks for sharing

Nicole K

Congrats to the new design team. I'm loving the new products I've seen.


Sara R.

Great talent! Love how international your DT is!

Angela L.

What a great looking group of gals! Congrats to each of you and I can't wait to see MORE from you!!! Also lovin' the new products and would just luv to win some...

JJ Sobey

lucky bunch of ladies - getting to work with all your yummy products! I'd love to win some!

sherry czarnecki

whoo! hoo! awesome galleries!

Tina Schadone


Glenda Tkalac

Looks like an amazing team and I look forward to seeing their creations!

Kelly R

Awesome new team. Great choice!!


You go, girls! Thanks for sharing your creativity and inspiration.


What an awesome DT! I can't wait to go and pull out some of my hambly and work on it now! What superb inspiration!

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