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  • Fabric & Stitching Wall Art
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  • Little onesies
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  • Tassel pom-pom garland
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  • Tassel garland for Scrapbooking
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  • Fun DIY party Ideas
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  • DIY custom camera
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  • Rolled Fabric Flowers
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  • Candle with Rub-on Decoration
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  • Personalized door"
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  • Hanging Overlay Decor
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  • Overlay placemats
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  • Doily Rub-on Canvas
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  • Paper Rosettes
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  • Washi Tape Banners
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  • Hand-Stitching on Paper
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  • Paper Bowties
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  • Printing on Washi Tape
  • Using Rub-ons as a resist
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  • Overlay & Paper Transfer
  • Paper Flowers
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  • DIY Pendant
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  • Paper Fortune Cookies
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  • Overlay Lamp (Ikea Hack)
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  • Paper weaving
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  • Paper Garland Tutorial
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kerry lynn

hambly rocks!


WOOHOO! Love it!


Such a great idea to do this!!

Sally Lynn

It took me one second to decide to order. What a great assortment for a fantastic cause. Thanks, Hambly!


this is a great kit for a worthy cause.

David Santos

Great! Good idea! Congrats!


wow, this is fantastically cool. I will have to let all the folks that I photograph with Think Pink know about this!

Judy Yelton

Wow, beautiful overlays. Pink is one of my favorite colors, not to mention the donation to a great cause. thanks

kim whitten

I'd say one of the best most talented DT around these parts!

Liz Lumsden

What a wonderful thing Hambly is doing! I am 'running' to the site to order!

Tina Schadone



What a beautiful kit for a wonderful cause!


You picked some great designers! I love their work! Especially Kara's!


wonderful kit ... and a wonderful thing to do. :)

Susana Avilez

Think Pink- Hambly U RoCk!

Lisa Hall

this is good.
I know some of these women and can't wait to see what the rest will do,
Happy Fall ya all
Lisa Hall


fab new stuff from a fab new DT!!


The new DT is absolutely fab!!! And - i must say I'm abit proud to have two norwegian "sisters" on the tean too. :) :)


100% proceeds? you all rock! on my way to order. thanks, sharona

heather rene

I just received my TWO pink kits, and I love them so much!! And thank you so much for the little extra somethin'-somethin' in my delivery! Everyone needs to pick up at least a couple of these fabulous kits; it's an important cause, and really beautiful product. Thanks again!

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  • Brown Butter Cookies with Sea Salt
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  • Salted Carmels
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes
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  • Chevron Birthday Cake
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