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LOVE the work in the Gallery!!!!


beautiful work in the gallery - lots of inspiration - thanks!!!

Toni Mc

Love the work ,, rockin it fo' sho'!!

*pick me,, pick me* lol


beautiful gallery, as always!


love the blog...looking forward to CHA releases!


Totally lovely stuff!! Think my fave was the first layout :)


How cool - congrats Breanne!


LOVE the gallery layouts! I am SO impressed you have been scrapping for ten years and you are only 22! Can't wait to see more of your work.


Wow great work Breanne, thanks for the inspiration !


Awesome stuff, I love it!

heidi y

Great work in the Gallery! Cool work Breanne!! Can't wait to see more :)

Trace G

YAY!!! Good job Breanne! I cant wait to see your creations!

Nancy D

Yay! I love Breanne's work!

Heather S.

Her stuff is awesome! Love the lamp!

Grace Palazzolo

Awesome totally Beautiful! Breanne Congratulations Fabulous work! Hugz Grace

Maria Therese

Wow I love her work!!


I can't wait to see more!


love it!


barbara e.

the gallery looks awesome!!!!


YAY Breanne!! Love your work ... congrats again! :)


Awesome work - this is gonna be interesting!! :D


pretty pretty!

Caroline B

Awesome gallery. Congratulations Breanne


Another absolutely stellar looking gallery! Wow Wow, love it!


Love everything in the gallery, amazing work!


wow!! lots of inspiration !!!Congrats Breanne !!! Nath44


fabulous stuff! congrats!

Leif Wickland

Beautiful gallery!!


Great work in the gallery!

I've *finally* gotten my hands on some of the thick overlays. I'm in heaven. Thanks for making such great products!

Anna-Marie Still

I'd love me some new overlays!


Love the gallery! Congrats, Breanne!


Great gallery! Always exiting to see new designers!


Very cool. can't wait to finally try this scrapbooking... i'm a newbie soaking up info.

rachel tanner

Love her stuff and your stuff so a great collaboration!
I just want to eat Hambly up.
When I can get my hands on it in the UK.


Very cool! :)

Robin N (tqmnurse)

such an awesome choice for a designer...congrats...beautiful work


cute gallery Breanne!


Awesome stuff in the gallery.


WOW!!! Breanne totally rocks :)


Oh I'd love some Hambly goodness

laura t.

looks like you had a *little* fun with your hambly!! thanks for the inspiration!

Lisa T.

Wow Breanne's work is beautiful!! I love how open & honest some of her pages are, a real inspiration!

Michelle Dort

Off to check out the gallery!

PS - I'd love to win some Hambly :)

Karalyn B

Love the product as always! Can't wait to see what CHA will bring! :)


Congrats Breanne - your work is so bright and funky. Love how you choose to scrap the fleeting moments.


Freakin' AMAZING!!! ScrapTherapy... are you sure you're only 22?


I knew it was her, great LOs!!!

Carrie Hicks

Love the ideas. Lots of beautiful colors. Georgess stuff!!!


I am so wowed by the DT here!!!

Christine Villacarlos

Gorgeous stuff!


Congrats! I love that slightly obsessed lo...super talent!

Lisa F

love your gallery! can't wait to see the new stuff!

Dena Coe

Yeahhh Breanne!!!
So excited for you. You did a wonderful job. Congrats to you :)

Anilu Magloire

Way to go, Bre!! She is the biggest Hambly fan ever :)
Can't wait to see her gallery.


Great choice in Guest DT for this month! Will be stopping by at CHA!

Celeste B.

You can really work the Hambly. Great job.

Alyssa Olsen

Love Breanne's work! Amazing as always!

Cathy P. (Cayla73)

congrats breanne!!!


Wow! Congratulations to Breanne! What gorgeous LOs, and I can't wait to see what else she does as the newest member of the team! I can't get enough of the screens! I just used another one just two days ago! My LSS carries ALL of your products! Really looking forward to see what she orders from you at CHA in a few weeks! Again, congrats, and thank you for doing a giveaway!! Hambly rocks!

Julia Stainton

I just love HAmbly Screen Prints! I've been using transparencies all the time lately in my card designs! :)


Inspiring work here, as always!
Enter me in the giveaway, please!


ooh! i love Hambly goodies! They are so fun to work with. I just created a class with it...Thanks so much for such wondeful products!!


Very excited about your heavy overlays - thanks for always bringing something fresh and exciting! Can't wait to see what's next!

alison holcomb

yay just found this blog! great gallery breanne!


Love the page with the quote.


What an awesome gallery! And Breanne is such a sweet girl too!


Love the page with the quote.


Happy New Year. Just saw your photos of the ornaments on the bare tree. It's so pretty. I miss Christmas time!


Love the page with the quote.


Yay for Breanne and Yay for scrappy goodness!


I am so excited to see what you have in store for us at CHA inter! Every time I think it can't get any better, it DOES! You guys are the best...keep it up!!

A.L. Clark

I absolutly love the gallery, just adore everything. How inspiring, will have to go do a little scrapping :-)


The gallery is amazing!
I love the lampshade with all those different angles going on... super cool idea.
Thanks for the inspiration and I can't wait to see what is coming up for CHA. How exciting!


So glad you picked Breanne.
Awesome gallery!!
Yay Bre!!

Hannah Uribe

Congrats on being picked. You have awesome work. I love HAMBLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michelle fiori

Awesome gallery, love it


very inspiring. thanks


Nice gallery. Can't wait to see what you have in store for CHA!


Please *give-a-way gods in the sky* LET ME WIN!!

:D lol

rachel carlson

the gallery continues to inspire. great work breanne, LOVE the lamp! look forward to the cha peeks. cheers, rachel

Lisa Jamerson

Can't wait to see what comes out from you at CHA! Very excited.


Love this Incredible Gallery! congrats to you Breanne, Love your Work!
Love this Blog!

Andrea Tuttle

Choose me . . . pick me . . . send me free stuff!! Thanks . . . beautiful gallery by the way!


Awesome stuff! :-)


Loving all the stuff in the gallery!


I love that you use bright colors Breanne. Great work!!! I am inspired.


fantabulous gallery! =}

ellen s

amazing creations in the gallery! love them all!


So fun and funky! Love it!


Looking forward to seeing your new releases!

Julie G

the lampshade *rocks*! love to see all the fresh new ideas here...keep em comming!


WOW some really amazing pieces in there! congrats Breanne!!!

Debbie Finnern

I love, love, love Breanne's work. She's sweet on top of being talented. Glad she's the guest designer!


YAY Breanne! Congrats and WOWZAH!


Awesome goodies in the gallery!! Thanks for sharing ;o)
~ Carrie


I'm crossing my fingers :-)


i love hambly!


Congrats Breanne!!

Wendy Jo

Love, love, love her work! (On another note...after looking for months, I found some Hambly items on the shelves here in Maryland...this is going to be a great addiction!)

Karen K in Folsom

It was great visiting the gallery--very nice, expansive use of Hambly products--I am always challenged by that wood

I especially liked the "Never Meant" layout, very striking in layout, typography, and blurred imagery. Really superb.

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