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  • Tassel garland for Scrapbooking
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  • Fun DIY party Ideas
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  • DIY custom camera
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  • Rolled Fabric Flowers
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  • Candle with Rub-on Decoration
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  • Personalized door"
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  • Hanging Overlay Decor
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  • Overlay placemats
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  • Doily Rub-on Canvas
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  • Paper Rosettes
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  • Washi Tape Banners
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  • Hand-Stitching on Paper
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  • Paper Bowties
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  • Printing on Washi Tape
  • Using Rub-ons as a resist
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  • Overlay & Paper Transfer
  • Paper Flowers
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  • DIY Pendant
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  • Paper Fortune Cookies
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  • Overlay Lamp (Ikea Hack)
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  • Paper weaving
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  • Paper Garland Tutorial
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heather s.

I love her stuff! Please pick me! :)


I am - as always - in awe of your amazing ideas! TFS!

christy sheffield

The "Say What" album is a great idea for storing quotes. Loved it!

Beverly Carrella

Very, very cool and inpiriing. I love the colors and textures.




Love all of the great guest dt art! Woo hoo!


Love that quote book. The "In regards to" space really makes a lot of sense. Have to make a few of those to keep around.

And I love the "Goonies" layout. I loved watching that when I was younger. Wish I could go see it on the big screen.


TOTALLY LOVED that "say what" book!! So need to lift that - such a wonderful idea to bring everywhere life happens! And the frames and profile-thing was so beautiful! LOvely inspiration! :)

Anilu Magloire

OK, I am amazed. Really. Amazed by Jamaica's stuff.


Great work! I especially love the shadow box. Definitely inspiring.


Oooh - love her art!


I love all of the handmade gift ideas! The ornaments with rub ons look really great as well.


Bethany Engstrom

oh yay...a giveaway! Thanks :)

jill scripps

i made a couple ornaments with hambly rubs today! i LOVE the way they turned out.

jill s


Great stuff!!! Love her work!!!

danielle stussy

those are some great ideas! love finding out the ordinary uses for scrap supplies!


Very interesting gallery.

I have to say I've finally used the Christmas rubons and they are a dream! :)


WOWOWOWOW!!!!! great stuff!! I love different colors on frame ! so pretty.

Carrie Hicks

Totally gorgeous!! Love the ornaments.

Erin Bassett

Just love Jamaica's stuff!!


Love her stuff! The holidays banner was very cute!


I just used the pink x-mas rub-ons and they look so nice!

Dianna d.

Wow I love hambly! would love to win the giveaway!! :)


I love you products they are so darn creative!

Judy Grubbs

I love Hambly products. I hope I win the giveaway.


gorgeous gift ideas and I love the Christmas tree baubles.. so cute!


Great idea from the GDT!


My favorite is the silhouette ornament, along with all the other ornaments on the previous blog post. I'd love to win some goodies!


Love her stuff!
Hambly goodness, this way please!!
Happy holidays,



Woo wee! I love all those great projects!

emily (justem)

Gorgeous Work!! :)


Ooooh.... lovely ideas! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Guidry

I never win, hope this will be a first, lol :)

Hailey A

Always SOOOOO inspiring!!!

Lynn M.

Such a talented lady.....LOVE your glass ornaments using rub ons!


I love Hambly products! Especially the rub ons!

Jean N

Lea Lawson

Really beautiful guest DT gallery! Thanks for the inspiration!

Michelle Dort

Ooooh, wow, such cool things in the gallery. Love it!!!


really really amazing stuff, i have to go back and look some more!


really really amazing stuff! i have to go back and look at more!


Oh wow, she does gorgeous work. Love all of her projects. :)


love the colors!

Tracy Kushman

I just got my package in the mail and was pleasantly surprised by the holiday goodies that you all put in with my stuff :D


awesome simple stuff! love it!

Nicole Eshelman

Great stuff...thanks for all the inspiration!

Karen Price

Love it all ... love to play with Hambly products!!

Stephanie Baxter

I'm just loving the blog at the moment. So much inspiration. I would love love love the giveaway too! Merry Christmas to all at Hambly.

miss morgan

that canvas is so rad!

Cathy P. (Cayla73)

thank you for doing a giveaway!
i love hambly :)

Maria M

Jamaica is so darn talented. thanks for the inspiration.

Melissa Mann

Awesome Guest DT!!! Would love to win some Hambly goodies!!!

Sara R.

These are fabulous ideas! Love her work!


Beautiful projects!!!

Kim Sonksen

Love to see different work to the usual "suspects". Fantastic

Gail lindekugel

I love Hambly! There is nothing like it in the whole scrapbook universe, we need more Hambly in Nebraska!!!

ngaire Bartlam

amazing stuff by Jamaica.. seriously fun,..
thanskyou for sharing it all with us!

and while I am here.. wanna see what I did with some of the gorgeous Hambly tree rub ons...??

I turned an old concrete laundry tub into a lily pond... and the rubons made it SO perfect! scroll down here:

happy holiday season to you all.

Trace Geworsky

pick me! Pick me!!!! I am so envious of everyone who is on your design team..they must have sooo much fun.
Happy holidays,
Trace G


Such wonderful ideas. I wish you all at Hambly a super Merry Christmas :-)

Glenda Tkalac

Love Hambly, throwing my name in the hat!!

Kristin Dossett

Very cool!

Katee L.

I would love some freebies of your products! I've been watching Ali Edward's December album...and she's been using a bunch of Hambly products!


I'm loving all my Hambly Christmas rub ons. Very special stuff.

miChelle rAmirez

oh sheesh.
i love me some jamaica work!!!
congrats girl.


Love it - thanks for the inspiration!

katrina h

cute stuff!!

kerry lynn

dude. jamaica rocked the gdt!! totally love that silhouette and the color wheel is amazing!!


Great gallery! Pretty amazing schtufff!!
Happy Holidays!!!!!!


wow, i cant wait to try some of these great ideas!!

Katherine Vo Brooks

Awesome ideas! Thanks!

Robin N (tqmnurse)

OOOO pick me pick me pick me!!! Today is my birthday and that would be the ultimate gift!

Katherine Vo Brooks

Awesome Ideas.Thanks!

susan j

I'm always up for some Hambly goodness!!

Mary Lib

Hambly Rocks !!! Of course WINNING also would Rock !!!!!`` Mary Lib


Also love the ornaments! Just gorgeous!

Wendy Jo

My dad been retired for years, so he has seen a lot of movies during his day. But ask him what his all time favorite movie is and he'll reply "The Goonies." Seriously, and he brings it up out of nowhere all the time. Thanks for giving me a little chuckle Jamaica! Now I've just got to find that Hambly item to scraplift that theme in time for his holiday gift!

Crystal Sprague

Happy Holiday!

Jamie W.

Love your stuff! Seems like a project is not complete without some overlays on it!! thanks for bringing it to the scrapbook world!

Linda H

I LOVE your products...I work @ our LSS and always tell all how awesome Hambly goodies are! I also think the " Say What" little book is fabulous! What creative juices flowing here! Keep it up!!


Count me in...who wouldn't want to win some hambly goodness! Too fun!

Mel Kasey

I love hambly as well and really enjoyed looking through her gallery. The goonies scrap book page with the large pirate ship was my favorite! i use Hambly rub-ons for so many things in my shop, pendants, cards... ahh I LOVE your products :)


Beautiful projects!


give away. party time.


happy holidays!! Love it!!

Lynda Manning

Those colours are so cool together.

Suzan Tiemroth-Zavala

I'm enjoying the blog. I've enjoyed using Hambly products. I'd love to wind something.


love the sharing of ideas and excited about this month's dt! thanks muchly!

sam cousins

as always...totally rocks!


I love the ornaments and, of course, everything that Jamaica makes!
I'm also enjoying my most recent Hambly purchase. Cutting it up to use in a mini book and totally loving the result!

Erin B

Amazing stuff! Very inspiring. I'm totally lifting a few of these ideas. I made some clear ornaments using hambly rubs over Thanksgiving and keep meaning to get some more holiday decorations done. Thanks for always picking guest artists who inspire me to create!

Andrea Tuttle

I love Hambly stuff . . . and I hope that I win something! That would be an extra special Christmas treat!

Aja Darak

Happy Holidays!


The framed piece--wow!! I love the vibrant color against the white mat--GREAT idea!


happy holidays! to you and yours


great great work! love everything!

catherine feegel-erhardt

thanks again for MORE inspiration.
Love the Hambly.
Only C R A Z Y people don't like HAMBLY!


how great.I love your stuff.

Terri H

These are such fun ideas!

Kristina Solheim

love hambly stuff! Especially since you are local!

Suzanne G

I like the silhouette project and have a ? for Jamaica: Do you cut the foam core with a household electric knife or is there something else I can try? My daughter would adore something like this in her apartment (she is in grad school - decorating is on a budget!). Yours look great; I'm gonna copy. OK? :)
I have used Hambly rub-ons on several Christmas DIY projects; they are a big hit!
Suzanne G in NC

Pam Dean

I love Hambly products! I would love to win the gieaway.

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