> z-Michelle Sanders


I've said it before and I'll say it again...bios are so hard. How can I explain all that I am in one little statement? So I will be as to the point as I can. I'm a small town girl from South Louisiana and still live in my sleepy little home town just west of Baton Rouge. I love the rich heritage and culture that surrounds me and I take joy in documenting it all. Married for 4 1/2 years to the sweetest (and most patient) man to walk the face of this earth and I have a brand new baby boy named Zane Crue that was born in September. I've had an addiction to scrappin' from a very young age...back when peal and stick photo albums & scotch tape were acceptable. I have a slight fetish for rubons and I love me some Hambly. I can distinctly remember those cheesy Garfield and Rainbow Bright rubons that we used to put on our trapper keepers in middle school, right next to our statement of love for our person of interest at the time. I hate my handwriting but force myself to use it more and more...maybe the kid will appreciate that later. Doubt it...but maybe. I am a very sentimental person and I save everything. I see this wonderful hobby as an art form and I enjoy infusing my funky, edgy, gritty and sometimes graphic style into every page that I do. I love all things vintage, I love to distress things and don't feel a page is complete with out inking it up a bit. Besides the fact that I adore the papers, I really love the challenge that is involved with coming up with new pages with these wonderful products! Hopefully I can inspire you to think outside your box and get a little gritty!