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Hello! I'm Kristina (but you can call me Kristi). I am 27 years old and live on Long Island with my husband Jonathan and our dog Chloe. I guess you could say my official occupation is helping my husband run our restaurant, Mosaic...but we all know my real passion is paper art!!

I am a little different than your conventional scrapper. For me, making pages is all about the art of scrapping. Using solid design principles and then adding my personal touches... especially my handwriting. I journal on almost everything, and that is what I love the most. There is so much of me in my pages. My voice, my experiences. Just capturing the life we live right now. And I've got plenty of pictures of that life. Even if Jonathan and Chloe run every time the camera comes out!

I am currently on a few wonderful design teams, getting my teaching schedule squared away for 2007. I'm so excited to share my passion for scrapping with others that "get it". I will never tire of creating art out of life.
When I am not busy creating, I am probably watching TV. I love Project Runway, LOST and Law and Order. I am also a raging shopaholic. Be it t-shirts, designer handbags, or scrap paraphernalia, I'm always on the hunt for something new and inspiring. I love going into many cool things to see and do.