> Kara Haupt

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10 random things about Kara

* I am 16 years old. I wear grandma sweaters and embroider doilies to handbags.
* Sometimes I try to convince myself that I like tea. I don't like tea.
* I wear black toe-nail polish 24/7.
* I'm often found constantly stroking Hambly paper. It's the krafty-deliciousness, people.
* I have music on all the freaking time. I'm what I like to call a "alternative, indie rock, folk listening chick with a some trashy hip-hop thrown in for good measure" kinda gal.
* I'm paranoid about confronting teenage boys. I'm worried I'll make them cry.
* I love my friends. Because, they understand me and are just as strange as I am.
* I spend my time with friends, watching the Office, staring at my white walls, talking to myself, and drinking lots of coffee.
* I like watching storms in my backyard.
* I strongly believe crying is good for your soul