> Guest DT Girl Maranatha



So what is there to know about me. Well honestly not much, so this should be quick. ;)
I live in Sunny Central California where the weather is currently thee best! I’ve been married for 6 years to my “bestest” friend ever Tim Baca. And together we have raised a chummy little bratty crazy cat kiddo named Timmy.
I have a strong addiction to buying scrapbooking supplies. Mmmmmmmm And love to sometimes play with the stuff I buy. Ha Ha Ha Ya all know what I’m talkin’ about.
I have a passion for photography and am trying to teach myself the basics, but plan to take some courses on it so I can be pro someday. My father was a photographer in his younger years, so I guess it’s just in the genes. :)
I love the way scrapbooking and photography have given me a new set of eyes. I can see the world with color now in all it’s glory. Everything I see is art and a scrapbook layout waiting to happen. I want to capture the world and just life as it is, beautiful in it’s imperfect way.
And Hambly really lets my creativity flow. The colors and boldness and just the strength in design it has is so inspiring. With Hambly the possibilities are seriously endless. They really do have something for every scrapbooker. I found it will add that little spark of life to any layout. Hambly is just straight up awesome! And if you haven’t gotten any you sure better cause trust me doll, yer missin’ out.
I also just want to say thank you to Allison and the DT for sucha fabulous contest and the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the team this month. Truly, I am honored cause ya all rock man.