> Guest DT Girl Wendy Reed


Hi, I live in Southern Nevada where it's nice and HOT! I started scrapbooking in February 2002. A friend of mine talked me into going to a scrapbook convention. I had attempted to scrapbook before, but it was just too overwhelming, so I said yes. Maybe I could get some help. I went and have been addicted since then! Maybe obsessed is the better word. My style is bright, fun, funky and my own thing. The only rule I follow in scrapbooking or design is to follow the rule of 3's. Besides that I do what I want.

I am married to my husband Mike, 14 years! He is incredibly supportive with everything I do. Love that about him. We have a 14 year old son, Shon. Who is incredibly handsome and pretty much the best kid on the planet! We share the same birthday, but I would give up my glory day for him anytime. We have 2 dogs. Both Chihuahuas, Penny and Micki who are the little ones of the family. So ok, I lied. We really have 3 kids!

My designs have been published with Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers, Paper Kuts and Simple Scrapbook magazines. I am currently on manufacturer design teams for Urban Lily and Queen & Co. I love to take photos of people, I am not much on scrapping "things" or holidays. Both freak me out. I believe scrapbooking is all about sharing no matter what form you do it in!