> Guest DT Girl Ana Cabrera


Yo! I am a California girl who has been playing with paper, stickers, and pictures for as long as I can remember! I started "scapbooking" when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, about 10 years ago. I have a background in Graphic Design, and it is a strong influence in my layouts. My style is ever evolving, so I can't really say I have just one look. My layouts change with the seasons, much like my wardrobe. There is not a surface or craft that is safe from my scrappin' love. I love to mix discipines and create items that both surprise and delight.

I am a single mom to three beautiful daughters, Sierra, Savannah, and Sedona. Before entering the scrapbook industry, I actually worked as a professional Chef! Prior to that, I had been a wedding singer, hip hop background dancer, and graphic artist. My life like my layouts, is one big fun adventure!

I am currently working as a freelance designer and editorial contributor. I have a regular column in Memorytrends magazine... and you soon see my work in monay other publications through out the year. I am a designer for Purple Cows, home of the cutter that knows how to treat my Hambly Overlays right. I have many years of teaching experience, and now, I am happy to take that on the road representing Purple Cows at CKU. I think I am most hired for my out of the box, no-holds barred approach and thinking. My love for technology was led her to always stay on top of the fast moving tech trends. I am a champion for hybrid crafting... where paper and pixels meet. As long as I can be creative, I am happy!