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10 random things about Paige

1. I've been scrapbooking for a decade now, ever since my first job at a scrapbooking store when I was 16, and I think it's the best hobby on earth!
2. My favorite things to eat are Thai food and candy - anything fruity and chewy!
3. In the 2+ years we've lived in Southern California, we've been to Disneyland 40 times...
4. We have a dog named Joey, a cat named Rachel, a rabbit named Chandler, a finch named Alice, and a chinchilla named Li'l Chinchilla. I really like, no, love animals.
5. I know Morse Code.
6. Apart from scrapbooking I also enjoy fine arts like painting and drawing, bookbinding, photography, and crafting.
7. I've eaten over 17,000 bowls of cereal in my life.
8. When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian. After I failed my first chemistry class in college, I quickly changed career paths to Art Education.
9. I blog almost daily - it's my guilty pleasure and totally therapeutic!
10. Our son Fox is named after Fox Mulder of the X-Files.

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