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10 random things about Becky

*My favorite color is green, there is a specific shade that my kids have nick-named "Becky Green" because I oooh and aaah over it when ever I see it.
*I was raised in Ashland, Oregon. I love miserable weather and have no problem being outside in most any conditions.
*I had all four of my (fabulous!) children in Newport Beach, California in hospital rooms that had ocean views, the nurses that worked there called it hotel Hoag, I called it heaven ;o)
*Went back to school at the age of 36 to earn a degree in Economics from the University of Utah, graduated at 38 with Cum Laude honors.
*Ran a few marathons because I had a friend who told me that I could never do it. Just to make sure he understood that I could do it, I made sure to run 2 more.
*Spent 9 years as a ski instructor at Deer Valley. Learned more there from my clients, friends and other instructors than I did in college. Spent most of days thinking to myself "they pay me to do this" :o)
* Addicted to playing tennis, it has provided me with the opportunity to hit something hard that will come back for more. I leave all my troubles there and it is so much more fun (and cheaper!) than therapy.
* I love dark chocolate and have zero will power when it is in the house. Recently I took a cooking class on chocolate and now am craving it even more. Guess what all my friends and neighbors will be getting as holiday gifts?
*I love to play with paper, glue and and other crafty things. If I don't get to goof off in my studio at least once in my day it seems weird and incomplete. On any given day you can likely find some little shard of glitter or paper dust somewhere on me.
* Photography is something I love and am so not good at (yet!) My camera is smarter than me and it knows that, but I still try to trick it into giving me a good image every now and then. I should give in and get a great point and shoot, but I am just way too stubborn.

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