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Stephanie Baxter

Yay! Love Shimelle!


Wow, her photos and projects are amazing! Definitely will learn some new things from her!


shimelle and hambly are a perfect fit! :)

wendi r

how exciting!!! congrats Shimelle..

Heather V

So excited that Shimelle is the guest DT! Love her work!

Adele Chalker

yes Please! Oh and Shimelle is pure genius :)


Great news! Love Shimelle's style, can't wait to see her creations this month :)

Kelsey S.

Love Shimelle's work! I can't wait to see more!

Meredith Treloar

I enjoy Shimelle's work so great to see her Guesting!

Diane B.

Love her digi hybrid cards. I just might have to do that! Great stuff!

Regan D'Agostino

cant wait to see what you do shemelle...

Gayle P

Love the new guest designer stuff! Great job Shimelle!

Maeghan M.

Yay Shimelle!!! I always love her quirky style!

Alecia Castro

Fabulous work, wowzers!! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway too... Hambly rocks!!


yay for shimelle (:

thank you for the chance!


awesome projects!!


I've always wondered who Shimelle is, what a great artist! And I love the new line!

Erika Taylor

Shimelle always creates such beautiful things. Thanks for sharing


Welcome Shimelle! I enjoyed browsing her gallery.


I love anything done by Shimelle, she has to be one of my favorite scrapbookers!


Shimelle is amazing!

Wendy Orme

Congratulations, Shimelle! Great work.


Gorgeous work, Shimelle!!
Oh how very much I love Hambly! The best papers, transparencies, rub ons and stickers. I may hoard it at times but I do use it!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

Belinda Lowe

Great Work - congratulations


How exciting! I love Shimelle's work and those layouts using Hambly are absolutely gorgeous. It's made me want to use rub-ons again!


inspiring projects! I always love Shimelle's style!


WOWSERS, I love Shimelle's style and creations so much!! I've always been a huge fan. I am so excited to see the amazing things that I am sure are to come. Shimelle + Hambly = my socks are rocked off!


Awesome projects Shimelle! Love how you used the Hambly!

Ann Cicilie

Shimelle is such a talented artist :)

Dana Tatar

Beautiful pages Shimelle! I love the way you layer colors. Thanks for the inspiration!

Joanne giveaways! Thanks for the chance to win.


Love Shimelle's work!! Awesome inspiration!Thanks for a chance to win!

Melanie K

I love Shimelle! I believe I have joined all her classes at this point. Even done most of them! LOL - thanks for a chance to win your product (again one of my FAVORITE things!)


Cant wait to see the greatness of your creations!

Michelle G.

Congrats to Shimelle!!

Carrie Rosalind

Oooh, I'd love to win some new products! :)

ana manzana

ooohhhh, thanks for the chance!

Kristina Hargie

She has a great mix of loveliness and funk. Love it.


Yay! thanks for the opportunity to win some goodies. I love Shimelle's work & her classes are great too!


Shimelle is just great!!!
Love her work and her classes :)


I love Shimelles style. And I love her classes!


I love Shimelle! What a great guest!!


Wonderful work!


Shimelle┬┤s work is soooo wonderful!

Lyn Meadows

Awesome pages Shimelle, I can't wait to see more. They are so inspiring.

madeline St onge

I just love Shimelle and Hambly too

Kathy C

Shimelle is great. She is also a wonderful teacher. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


Shimelle and Hambly - what a great combination!


Shimelle created some beautiful pages using these products. Would be fantastic to win some!!


She's one of my faves! Love her classes!!

Jacky S

Shimelle's work is always are her classes.


i love to see how everyone uses such unique and amazing products! thank you!!


yay! a favorite designer!

Tina Phillips

Thanks so much for a chance to win!

Lindsay @ Just Me & Z

Oh I would LOVEEEE to win!!!! Thank you so much for the chance!


What a perfect match for Hambly! Shimelle is a great artist!

Susan Dingess

Thanks for introducing me to Shimelle; what an artist. Love her website!

Irene Fitzpatrick

Thanks so much for the giveaway! I love Shimelle's style!

Susan McFarlane

I can't wait to win the new product! Thank you for this fab contest!


Luv how the overlay is used on the camera! Some lovely creations!

Kimberly B.

Love Shimelle's work!!! Excited for a chance to win too :)


The new holiday line looks great!

khadijah f

Thanks for the giveaway, would love to win!

Beth Hooper

Gorgeous and oh so inspiring!

emma tandy

love Shimelle and Hambly perfect mix

Laura Berger

Ow...the new release is awesome, I would love to win!


Love Shimelle's stuff and love yours - what a great combo! :-)


Congrats Shimelle!! Love your creations and I can't wait to see more!

cindy b.

I would absolutely LOVE to win some products. Thank you SO MUCH for the chance to win!! :-)


Visited Shimelle's blog and her gallary and L.O.V.E. her's beautiful. I love butterflies and doilies too. Great inspiration!


Oooh, pretty pages.

Also, pretty stash: want some!

Alison Waller

Love Shimelle's work - really looking forward to seeing more of her work!

Alicja T

Congrats Shimelle!!!Thanks for the chance to win some goodies :)


Love how Shimelle used Hambly products with her projects.


Perfect combination! Thanks for the chance to win, Hambly and Shimelle...


Love Shimelle and love Hambly--what a winning combination! And thanks for the opportunity for one of us to win, too!

tina cloer

Shimelle is such an amazing designer! I'm off to go check out her gallery...I'm sure she rocked the Hambly goodies! :)

Margaret L

Congrats! Thanks for the inspiration and chance to win!


love shimelle's ideas and love hambly

Lori Wostl

You can never have too much Hambly -


Love Shimelle and love Hambly!!


I love Shimelle's work. So cool she's the guest DT.

Thanks for the giveaway!

leslie o.

Shimelle rocks! And so does Hambly :)

Tracy Brudvig

The combination is perfect!


Love those projects!

Phyllis C.

Great !!! Shimella is awesome!!!! And I have always loved Hambly's products.

Regan Tomlin

I just adore how she adorned her camera :)

cindy barriga

I have been a fan of Shimelle for a long time now. THanks for guesting her here. I cannot wait to see what she will share!




yay for shimelle! yay for hambly! yay for giveaways! :)


Really great designer!!! Love the work!!


Great inspiration!


Yay Hambly and Shimelle just work! Her gallery is delish!

Deb L

Love the new release and Shimelle too!!


Wow! So great to learn new techniques from a new angle. Thanks so much.


Lovely. I love both the product and Shimelle!


Love Shimelle. Great new release !

Janie B.

Love Hambly and love Shimelle. Thanks for the opportunity.


Shimelle and Hambly what a beautiful combination!


Loving your work yet again Shimelle. I'm such a fan of Hambly and Shimelle!

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