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10 random things about Leeann

1: I love going to the beach I could sit and ponder all day!  
 2: I live on a farm in a small country town called Capel in Western Australia  
 3: I don’t do animals but we have 7 chooks and a dog and 2 budgies that we keep replacing as they escape.  
 4: I am a qualified hairdresser   
 5: I was naturalize a fair dinkin Aussie chick in 2005 - (no longer a kiwi)  
 6: I Love polka - dots and bows on shoes.  
 7: I love jeans and jandals.  
 8:  I am a night owl  
 9:  I love cooking for oodles of people.  
 10: My favorite Hambly product would be the all mixed up overlays…all of it really!

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