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10 random things about Kirsty

 1.My name is Kirsty, not Kristy. People get it wrong a lot, although never quite as wrong as the time a group of senior citizens misheard and thought I was called Percy.
2. I grew up in the middle of the countryside, but moved to London when I was 22. I’m not sure I ever want to leave.
3. My first proper job was as a Backstage Tour guide at the National Theatre.
4. Despite being British, I don’t like tea, rain or fish & chips.
5. I do like vintage fabric, Scandinavian design and reading.
6. When I’m not designing or making things, I write children’s books for a living.
7.  I am quiet, ambitious, thoughtful, creative and prone to silliness.
8. I am obsessed with, and also a little bit afraid of, windmills.
9. Raspberries are my all-time favourite food.
10. One day, I’d like to have a butler.

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Hambly hello flower card
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